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Thread: Looking for an intraday guide

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    I recently saw someone post a 'standard' intraday manual dictionary that I am trying to find. It was a picture file and it had the normal times for trends/reversals listed by time of day(at 30m periods should I recall). I know that it's just a ruberic following normal intraday volatility throughout the sessions but I'm still searching to see if there wasn't any 'normal' behaviour I might not have trapped.

    Has anyone seen it?

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    That will depend on the pair. Jpy pairs are trending during time

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Would you mean that? image
    Thanks michisuperfr; that was it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Would you mean this? image
    Interesting item of information, thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    that will rely on the pair. Jpy pairs are all trending throughout Asian time
    Yes, rather than every day is the same. Not every pair is lifeless every day at 5:30pm(NY) however you can very reliably expect it. Either way; it's information. I found a chart quite a while ago that showed hourly volatility for all the majors and the Asian pairs encounter about the exact same volatility during all the sessions(understandably and noticably but it's nice to see the hard information). It the EUR/GBP/USD who have greater volatility. The greater market volume throughout London/NY bleeds into the Asian pairs to maintain them moving as the very low quantity session does carry over.

    Now that I think of it. . That might be a element in Asian traders love to utilize Ichimoku.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    That Metaf.net tool is precisely what I've been looking around for the last few days. Thank you.

    And they say the market is 'random'.

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    Hey Redeflect, do you consider yourself to be an intraday trader/or try to be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hey, how do you believe yourself to be an intraday trader/or attempt to be?
    No. Do I understand how to? Yes. This simply comes down to probabilistic refinement of things out my hands but nevertheless bound by the size of time(as all things are) so it becomes simpler. I would rather consider myself to be a man that trades and loves the sport but has only so much time to live. So I combine work. The rules are straightforward. The approach is arduous.

    I'd rather be a profitable trader than an intraday trader but it's all about the baby steps. If those steps occur intraday then I mean to take them. Two steps one step back.

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