Hi All,

I am attempting to troubleshoot some code. The code finds a bear bar as the pub on a Monday no matter if it is or not.

It does not seem to do it at some other times or I have not been able to find an instance yet. I wonder if anyone has any clue what's currently happening cause I'm being driven nuts with this.

Inserted Code double last4High = iHigh(NULL,PERIOD_H4,1); double Higest4hHigh = iHigh(NULL,240,iHighest(NULL,240, MODE_HIGH,20,2)); bool Market4High = (last4High gt;= Higest4hHigh); bool Bar4Bear = (iOpen(NULL,PERIOD_H4,1) gt;= iClose(NULL,PERIOD_H4,1)); //---------------------------------------------------- if (Bar4Bear) if(Market4High) Printing( last 4H pub is greatest for 20 bars , (Higest4hHigh)); //----------------------------------------------------------- Not code but log below. . The opening 4 hour pub was a bull pub. 2009.08.03 06:18 b.beta GBPUSD,M15: final 4H pub is highest for 20 bars 1.6731 Be really grateful if somebody can shed some light onto this.