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    Hello all...

    I was wondering if MT4 is potential to have a H6 or H8 interval?

    I believe I heard it was possible to control the candles in certain manner that would accomodate specific time frames?

    I would be very much interested if it's likely to have 6H or 8H charts... thanks

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    You are able to make an offline chart with an indi called PeriodConverterOpt (the newer version, somewhere on this forum or tsd). Indiors run ok on offline charts, but EAs have trouble.
    Just put it on a 1-minute chart and set the multiplier to 360.

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    Thank you for the answer so I I understand correctly, it is an offline chart based on 1-min ... so such as manual trades must be fine correct? Imagine I trade only at closing of those candles... 1-min charts *60 * 8 when I wanted to trade the 8H charts... so every 8 hours I could come check the candles and then take action if needed based on my indiors...

    I will try to look it and make it work, if I have any other doubts I'll be back thanks

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    Try this. The Renko people have found a way to make offline charts work. Watch the most recent version of the renko ea (v3.2 or later) for a mod that may make this 1 work better. However, for manual trading it should be OK. These keep upgrading in real-time (or are supposed to, but I have seen times when they cease). Keep an eye on these. 1-min * ? You need, or 4-hour * 2 for 8 hr. Note that the free version of Ninja Trader does this and there is information that is free feed from Gain for fx.

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    Thank you very much kenz... I will try it out. I don't need scenarios since I just act on the close of candles, so it could do that it will be a alternative that is great.

    Again thank you

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    I don't know whether it is too much to ask but I already attached the indi to the chart... nothing happens however... what if I do ? I can't appear to know what I'm doing here... Thank you

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    By the way, are you comfortable with any bugs of this? What's very likely to go wrong? So just I understand what yo expect that will go wrong...

    Thank you

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    I think I have done it


    very nice. Do candles on offline charts close at same time periods as charts from my broker? So envision the 4H charts generally close at 3-7-11 periods should the 6H be 3-9-3-9 ?

    Thank you very much this will improve my trading by a lot

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