Do you think MT4 is a good software to trade with?
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Thread: Do you think MT4 is a good software to trade with?

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    Can you think MT4 is a good software to exchange? If not,what functions would you need that MT4 doesn't have?

    For instance, I think MT4's background candle is too small, I can't see the m1 or m5 that long time past.

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    For most functions, Yes. Unless you running really intense algorithms that consume up CPU, MT4 should deal with all your requirements.

    With regard, to the background. That's not an MT4 issue, that's a data issue. You can download a bigger dataset from the broker and import it to MT4 if the downloadable datasets in the MT4 history center aren't large enough.

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    It doesnt matter what software you use to trade; a fantastic conection using a stable and very low ping using a decent broker its more significant!!!

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    Switch to cTrader. Have not looked back since I changed. Better execution particularly if you are a scalper. Slippage over mt4.

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