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    Trading Style: Discretionary

    Disclaimer: I trust it goes without saying that I do not wish to anyone to trade what I trade only because that is precisely what I am doing, because I'm trading a demo account for a motive.

    Decided to start a journal. I am currently trading with a clinic account. I personally like to trade the 1H time and trade a couple of times per day depending on what the market does, however generally speaking I prefer to have my own rankings closed by the time I head to bed.

    Made one entry on the EUR/USD now @ 1.5520 with a stop loss of 1.5514 (Risk 2 percent ). Really tight stop loss however, it had sufficient technicals backing this up. The something that I'm really unsure about is that exits. I will not tell where I want to exit. Optimally clearly I would like to have it transfer 1000 pips in my direction directly once I input but thats not going to take place. Fore the first-time now I've tried to reevaluate where price is very likely to go and am sitting tight seeing what eventuates.

    How do you men guage where you exit? According to fibs and the equidistant station the blue area is where I think price is heading where I would be happy to take my profits but theres clearly another area of resistance at 1.5568 that hasnt been broken for approximately two days now so hopefully it breaks.

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    Extended 1.5515, due to ideal trap pub which bounced off a 62 fib retrace level. Should have experienced a stop reduction that is bigger but lets see what happens.

    Update; well there you stopped . Thats its for now!

    I guess the fact that the longer movement indied by the yellow spotted fib level was suggesting that the market has been bearish because it didnt retrace to the 23 degree of 1.5597. So from that standpoint maybe the longer term market is still bearish.

    Lesson learned: Do not trade what you don't usually trade, in this instance being the 15 min time period! Overtrading!

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    By now it's already reached 1.5500 now, I was dumb to buy a weakness... If it breaks through the 1.5500 support, then I will discontinue my LONG position.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    By today it's already reached 1.5500 today, I was stupid to buy a weakness... When it breaks throughout the 1.5500 support, then I shall discontinue my LONG position.


    Hope you didn't lose any cash trading live . I am pretty inexperienced so I expect you are not blindly after me (unless you're paper trading in which case go nuts ).

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    I entered another trade yesturday which was be another flop but at least I had been somewhat right about the direction of the trend and how the market were going to close flat.

    Entry 1.5515 and almost immediate stop from 1.5490.

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    Screen speaks for itself. Took the transaction based on pin pub. Was not after the market the whole afternoon, came home watched the pin entered instantly went to watch tv came back at the upcoming commercial break and shut it in 66 pip profit. So all in all lucky trade more than anything. The worst feeling is knowing the price went 155 pips! Not entirely certain how to emotionally explain to myself that it is ok to leave pips on the dining table. Risk wise I guesstimated it since I wished to enter ASAP as near the peak of the channel as you can, turned out I risked less than 2% approximately 1.8%? So essentially I risked over the other two transactions which were losses and not as much on the winner... martingale I think that is called, then again I'm not so familliar with it so its purely a guess. Any thoughts as to why the huge market off occurred? Just a strictly technical established move or was there some news?

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    Entered another longEUR/USD @ 1.5450 @ 13:50 but chose to exit it even because I felt that there wasn't any reason for the down move to not continue and I was right .

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    Closed out in 1.5522. In hind sight I should have left the commerce close to the resistance I was speaking about, but I have been wanting to let my profits run recently, but I guess in regards to short term trading, taking profits in the very first opportunity should be a priortiy especially since I went on a day that started off with a down movement. Looks like its probably going to finish pretty flat now and hopefully there will be another opportunity to go into long over the upcoming few hours since I think price is close support, just need to see what price action will.

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