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Hey Big D,

Nice thread you've got here,. Just stumbled upon it. I will give it a read.

Funny how I'd touched on what your speaking of here.


Your egy is as good as any. I enjoy it. Spreading the lots/units alloion is the way to go. I cannot plogically resist letting a 1000 winners return and lead to zero. I cant. .and I mean, everything, until the trend shows reversal indie on the daily(reversal signal because of him is h-h turning into h-l or l-l turning into l-h). H-h= higher high/ l-l = reduced.

Mortician advoes looking for break of monthly or weekly levels....those are the ones prime for your 1000 pips runs...I stole ideas from him also. I did a subsequent follow up on the charts he submitted to check him out. . .and a few of these charts DID MADE those hundred plus a few did 1000 pips move. His brief of USD/SGD this past year in july at was so epic. USD/SGD finally went to max low of 1.2000. I stole ideas.

Nightmoves and Entropylad prefer a trend collapse to happen thus precipitating huge movement of hundreds of pips in the market over a few days. I stole ideas from them also.

Anyways, I might need to say that I agree with you on precision entry. . .the lack of precision entry is some of the weaknesses of the hector style. . .this made me read j16. I have been introducing precision modifiions, although I utilizes hector design. Especially after studying WMD(that ribbon is golden) and all yunero's articles in detail. This weakness of hector design is the reason why I searched out WMD thread in the first place. His degree of precision entry is uncanny. The constant demand for optimizing high r/r is the reason why I am interested with

Anywho, I said the core of my technical trading principles here

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What you're onto is precisely what interests me in my own pursuits for the ideal egy. One reason I believe so traders have problems is that they frequently wind up getting a hodgepodge of standing sizing and reward/risk ratios across their entire spectrum of transactions. This skews the mathematics which determine profitability. I believe in monitoring my performance to make sure I am preserving expectancy. For me personally, positive expectancy has to be made INTO the transactions before the trigger is...