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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Well, could be onto something with s simulator ea. . As a remedy to the problem I have multiple mt cases running and also have automated pressing the play/pause button in every window.

    In case there is another and more better method, here's the idea:

    - Looking to get a manual backtesting alternative. Should be able to place trades and quickly forward through bars as required.
    - Loed egy tester ea, which can be ideal, except for just working with 1 price chart for test.
    - Seems the notion of more than one chart per ea isn't really...
    Here is one alternative egy:

    - I don't use Strategy Tester, since you've found, it is too restrictive.

    - I've a script that functions as my quote host. It reads Tick information from my repository (or any time for this matter - based on the egy, I occasionally will use M1 or M5 data) and generates the charts necessary for the egy to be analyzed. These are offline charts that can behave like normal charts if used correctly. This simulator will create as many charts as needed for the egy along with any sort of chart (time, grid, range pub, tick). It will also cause baskets of pairs with any chart type for testing basket egies.

    The simulator script has drama, pause, stop, and speed controllers. It also can be conducted in visual mode or not (non-visual mode is much quicker ).

    - If I would like to test aesthetically (paper trading), then I'll include the applicable indiors to the chart(s) and proceed from there.

    - Should I would like to test an EA, then I'll add the EA into the one of the offline charts. However, as we are in a simulated environment, I need to inform the EA to use the simulator's trading server. So, I simply set a user input on the EA into Simulator mode. Based on the egy, the EA may need several other tweaks to operate in the environment, but this doesn't occur too often.

    So far it works nicely. You can step through one tick (or pub ) in a time to find a fantastic sense of the former functionality.

    This sounds like it is somewhat different than what you are seeking to do inside Strategy Tester using Nubcakes EA. Hopefully, you'll find a solution that completely meets your requirements. Keep in mind, using something out of Strategy Tester could be your best option.

    Good luck!

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    Hi traders,

    I'm re-activating this thread since I have an important question to ask...

    I was wondering if some of you know if it's likely to backtest multiple currency pairs at a time in MT4? I really don't think it is, but that I just want to be certain.

    I'm developing a simple piece of code which tells you exactly what currency or currencies are trending the most. If it appears to be GBP/USD, then I wish to it to backtest using data for G/U. However, if it happens to be USD/JPY, then it ought to backtest using data for U/J, and so on.

    I know MT4 asks you what pair that you want to conduct the backtest for, but is it still possible to pull (accurate) data for different pairs which aren't specified in the settings/parameters? The principal information I am looking for is the price and a few indior values... but, for different and/or a number of currencies (in the exact same time).

    Additionally, where and how does the history fit into this equation? Will I want to upgrade my brokers data feed?

    Just to be clear... please consider this example. Let us say you pick GBP/USD as the symbol to your backtest, but you wish to pull on the current price (ie: M1 data, candle[0]) for G/U, U/J, G/J, A/U, E/J... and more... for a given point in time, such as 1:32 PM (or 13:32 hours). Can you do so? And will the price upgrade accordingly, every minute, for all the pairs... even though you've specified just one in the configurations?

    I hope that makes sense, also please allow me to know whether you have an answer. Additionally, I will ch up more on this thread this weekend. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    How do I backtest manual trading system? What software do I need to trade on historical data, I have a cpl of excellent trading systems and I really need to examine them, I dont understand how to do it.
    Can someone help me pls?
    try tradeinterceptor. IT has a replay in the past module with buy and sell.

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