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Thread: How many pips does a quotsuccessfulquot trader collect weekly?

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    dukas, and exactly what do you suggest? Not the pips? Are not they essential for every egy? I know,that worth of very pip differs,but when I'm going to plan ma egy,I'll have ascertain first numbers of pips currency will proceed in time interval,then I have to determine number of pips I'll targeting and size of this trade.Of course SL and TP. So there are always pips involved,somehow I can't get rid of them.
    We talk about different topics.

    I say: counting and incorporating pips for weekly, monthly, yearly trade history statistic is whole useless. Since will tell you ultimately.

    For designing a egy its significant, if its neccessary for your own egy.
    I use the majority of the time egies where pips are insignificant (I go long when seems like long and shut sell and so forth, so no fix TP,SL only for worst case potential. .) , but a lot of use egies with fix SL and TP.

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    dukas, and everything about keep it easy?
    Keeping it simple is always : calculate your win/drawdown in cash. So you dont need any other calculations.

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    Personally, I'm contented to announce that a triumphant trader may collect up to 100-pips per week. Apparently a few of you think that's high. That might well be for several reasons but we are not likely to get to that now. So, I am interested in receiving feedback from you all. I would like to hear what YOU think the average, full-time trader might gather ( pips) weekly. . .presuming he/she has: A dependable egy The proper thoughts A concrete account management plan
    Mostly depends on your level of ability. Personally, I average about 7 pips

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    quote Mostly depends on your level of skill. I personally typical about 7 pips
    7 pips per week is not too much.

    But level of skill is immaterial, its the egy you trade and the time you trade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Mostly depends on your degree of skill. I personally average about 7 pips
    What is your egy? With 7 pips daily,you have to trade how many lots,to create good money?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote What's your egy? With 7 pips daily,you need to trade the amount of lots,to make good money?
    Why daily, he responded to how many weekly pips. Therefore it looks like weekly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote why daily, he reacted to just how many weekly pips. Therefore it looks like weekly.

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    I am not utilized to commenting a lot of on threads but that got my attention once I wanted to talk to chief duka.

    I think there are no specific amount per day or per week. There may be a day or even week. Depending on the style.

    Sme times 0pip
    sme time -10pip
    time 100pip

    the important thing is the summation of ur transactions are in the positive within a timeframe or period of ur transactions

    regards to everybody

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