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Thread: Special request: Can someone make a Cornflower EA for us?

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    Yes, Alpari is now working! That was the issue. I changed the number of factors of the stop loss from 15 points to 150 points and the target in 30 points to 300 points. A few minutes after a trade had been triggered the gbp/usd.

    The Interbank account is now operating again. I really don't understand why it had stopped working for those 14 hours. But immediately while I was sleeping it'd taken 7 transactions. However, I still don't think it is taking all the transactions it is suppose to. For example, a couple of hours back a trade triggered the gbp/usd. On the other hand, the previous seven consecutive candles had touched the trigger ema (I've the 8 ema as the trigger) but for some reason it did not trigger a trade on any of those candles. On the 8th candle it eventually triggered. All the ema's were lined up perfectly to get a trade and none of those previous seven candles triggered anything. It's strange how sometimes the EA will activate a commerce and sometimes it goes for quite a while without tripping any transactions.

    Anyhow, thank you for solving the issue with my own Alpari account.

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    I made it so it simply can take a long trade and one short trade at one time. You said you use it on multiple timeframes wich is something I didnt think about when I wrote that the EA.

    The problem is most likely that if a Extended (for example) is open and the same EA running on another chart detects a second long to be made it wont open it since there is a lengthy opened. .

    If I have time later I will make so that one single EA on a single chart may be able to open one separate order for each selected pair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I created it so that it only can take a long commerce and one short trade at one time. You said you use it on multiple timeframes wich is something I didnt consider when I wrote the EA.

    The issue is probably that if a Long (for example) is already open and the same EA running on another chart detects a second long to be left it wont open it since there already is a lengthy opened. .

    When I have time later I will make so that one single EA on a single chart could have the ability to open a single separate order for each chosen pair.
    I wager that explains why it doesn't take all trades. It makes sense. From the trades that it's managed to take, it's had several winning trades. I am optimistic it will work well.

    I've an additional question: I had observed on a EA a couple of weeks ago in which it had a setting for a individual to place the time they want to trade. For example: if they wanted to trade between the hours of 10:00 to 23:00, then they all had to do was input those numbers at the #8220;Trade Time#8221; part of the EA input box. I don#8217;t even know whether you can do this or if it is difficult, but if this can be achieved then I can place it to trade just the London session and the U.S. session. I will then prevent the Asian session along with some other sessions since they tend to be choppy and range bound. This could prevent a lot of losing trades.

    I expect I'm not asking a great deal. I'm just trying to get the EA functioning the best it could be. Either way, I really apprectiate your time and patience in helping get this EA going. I look ahead to the new EA made to be used with numerous charts.


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    1 Attachment(s) I modified the EA, I added a few user defined variables..the following are the old ones:

    stoploss = add quantity of points
    goal = insert quantity of points
    interval = insert minutes. . .example if u want to try on 4 hour candles you may add a value of 240. .
    Lots = amount of lots
    pub = insert what pub u want the EMA to utilize as the previous value..example for last candle you'll add a value of 0 for the last closed 1 and for the ones before 2-3-4-5 and so on.
    Ema_trigger = insert the period of the EMA you want to utilize as the trigger..default is 12 as you said, but if u want u can check with other EMA intervals...

    These are the new:

    MA_method = add a value from 1 to 4, defines wich kind of MA will be used, you discover the right amounts here:
    start_at = insert time it should begin trading, from 0 to 23
    stop_at = add time it should discontinue trading, from 0 to 23
    magic_number = that defines the magical amount for each EA..if you utilize the same EA on various charts you need to put a different 5 digit number for each EA. . .however I think this function works yet, please check it out and tell me if it DOES open independent orders on multiple charts..however I'm afraid it doesn't right now.

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    Thank You Postrock! I answered more in detail in the Cornflower Thread.


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