okay my first trading journal.
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Thread: okay my first trading journal.

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    As I have bad habit of not recording my transactions, and while im not investing, or waiting for installments, I spend a lot of time onforexintuitivestudying and flaming and getting flamed and getting infractions, I thoguht why not bring both of the best worlds.

    Journal Begun Dec 17, 2007

    Upgraded Track Record on Dec 21,2007 (goodbye all bcketshops...):

    Complete Pips to Date (yes pips r unworthy!) : 54
    Winning Trades: 1
    Losing Trades: 3
    Total Closed Trades : 4
    Total Profitability: 25.00%

    All transactions are in geppy (GBP/JPY) only.

    Just how I trade:SR (include trendlines) Use sessions! Yesterday's HLC Pending orders. Always. No indiors.


    VaR each transaction: 1 percent
    Max trades allowed per day: two

    DISCLAIMER: By viewing the contents of the message board thread, you fully understand and agree that monetary loss or damage incurred to you by following my transactions, advices in this mesage board thread, the author can't be held responsible. Forex trading comes with certain level of risks make certain you understand what you do!

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    Pending LONG order @ 228.71.

    SL: 228.21
    TP: 229.71

    Pending SHORT order @ 227.60
    Trailing 40 pip stop. 228.00

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    Closed short for 6 pip loss.

    Long order still pending.

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    Increased my stoploss threshold 10 pips up from previous 40 pips.

    Pending short @ 225.92
    SL: 226.42
    TP: 223.92

    impending long @ 227.63
    SL: 227.13
    TP: 228.33

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    cancelled long pending order.

    Short order's halt loss moved to 225.92 for breakeven.

    TP is 224.92

    going to bed.

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    Take Profit @ 224.92 was struck yielding 100 points.

    Funny was the fact that prices headed down to original take profit @ 223.92.

    Reason I moved was mistakenly I saw a spinning top forming, and I got frightened.

    Also, I was becoming really emotional I had been tracking myself.

    When a trade is open, I'll assess the level of emotion.

    Out of 5.

    1 - being unemotional, impartial, banal, my ultimate goal.
    3 - being somewhat involved mentally, my usual range.
    5 - ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG ! (possibly bad or good. . .hopefully good)

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    Pending LONG order @ 225.00

    SL: 224.50
    TP: 226.12

    Pending SHORT order @ 223.40

    SL: 222.90
    TP: 220.00

    Emoness: will feel emo when Rankings triggered. (great thing about pending order)

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    Long Order SL triggered @ 224.50

    -50 pips

    Emoness: 3.5/5 (Lesson: this is Exactly What Occurs when you deviate from your own rules by impatience)

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    Closed SHORT @ 225.37

    for -9 pips...

    looks like the dreadful spreads are here to stay, no longer transactions at leas ttill they reduced it.
    Emoness: surprisingly low...1/5

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    Pending LONG order @ 226.70

    SL: 226.10
    TP: 229.60

    Pending SHORT order @ 225.28

    SL: 225.78
    TP: 224.00

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