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    Hello mates !

    I just want to share some information about forex trading please don't ignore this post I will not be advertising any indior, robot or forex plan. I think you are all as my mates and I want you to share some truth about forex trading, so lets start. I am a 22 years old performing MBA in finance and running my own business successfully.

    From years I have been listening about forex trading and its own wonder earnings, becoming rich in hours and tales, I never believed about that but at about 4 weeks back, I decided to dig it. I opened directly a real account with a favorite broker (I cant provide name). Account opened directly b'cos I know that there would be difference between demo and actual account. I started trading with that using indiors only , I started gaining loss in this manner that when I sell/buy a pair (lot dimensions 0.01) it starts becoming minus speedly such as -0.25, -0.30, -0.50, -0.80 -1.50, -2.70. . .and so on.

    I presumed that this is a cleverness and fraud of the broker and I decided to alter the broker. Then again I opened real accounts with another reputed broker with 200$ after confronting 20-50$ reduction. In that, with utilizing fibo lines I decided to use stop loss plan. Therefore I place stop loss within my transactions, it always strikes . I thought that it was incident but this thing was occurred to me if I place stop loss.

    Once again confronting 10-15$ loss I putted this egy from my beloved forex trading and started trading with no stop loss. After this, whenever I buy a pair, it started to go in minus like before but some pairs go in miner plus like 0.10, 0.30, 0.80-- not more than this. The shedding pairs started gathering in my accounts such as -21.0, -30, -18.0 and my total current loss become -80.0 total on 200per account.

    Again I said that my actual account's figure is pretty small, I must ship more 300$'s to exchange easily . So after sending this amount, first of all I closed my some losing trades and opted to find out forex. In this era I continued doing forex trading and begun learning this.

    I learned fibonacci, (all indiors in mt4) money management plan, risk management plan, trend, trend lines, head and shoulders, double top/bottoms, change tricks/egies, wave notions, gartley, bearish/bullish/butterfly/crab patterns and even much more. I thought that today I could perform forex trading successfuly so, I started buying pairs however the situation was similar to same prior to....

    Losing transactions started gathering and I made to shut some of the these transactions with absolutely 10-15$ reduction. Then my total balance was 485$. So, I started with a brand new hedging plan I buy a commerce with both purchase and sell pairs and shut wining trades at reversal time BUT the change never occur... For instance if I bough usdjpy and my winning commerce was BUY and I shut it with 10$ profit by watching trend change, the SELL trade starts increasing in reduction.

    In that manner my accounts had been AGAIN AGAIN become cold storage of losing transactions and I made to shut them in minus. My account balance today is 371$. .

    So my dear mates collectively I want to mention that forex trading really is a prosperous business for agents not for traders. People pass their 4-10 decades of life in digging this truth and thank god that I've found it very ancient. Never any candle crossed pair that was buy/sell to profit more than half of our claws ! . So dear mates, its my suggestion to you that never done forex trading if you want to save money it is merely a game of agents and forex market to stole our hard worked earned money....

    Your Sincere
    Muhammad Shaheer

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    Went extended from 1.237, stop below 1.233, target 1.33 for its average duration

    better wage information could indie potential 4 rate climbs as the market improves in the US, nothing positive in Canada

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    Price moved up a little, hopefully it'll continue to go higher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote And about to be retested. Good shorting opportunity accessible image
    Retesting 1.24xx area resistance

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    If NAFTA fails, I believe this set is going to 1.30

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    The pair starts with a small gap in chart.

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    Brief opportunity, what you guys think?

    (Time frame: 4 hours)

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