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Thread: Lets Make 20pips - Simple System

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    Okay I'm Outside 13pips. Not much of a Friday trader. Trade moved 19pips 4 times and pulled away. Safe have a great weekend and trade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Long GBPUSD H4. picture
    why not one candle before?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote why not long 1 candle before? image
    Hi mambomango,

    Coupled with how the second installment had a better test and I was there for the very first, in the very first installment notice the return pub also closed below the bearish near. Moreover, this trade may have been successful. Scoot down to a 5 minute chart and see what occurred on return .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hi , Coupled with the fact that the next setup had a much better test and that I had been there for the very first, at the very first setup notice the return bar also closed under the bearish near. This trade may have been successful. Scoot down to a 5 min chart and determine what occurred on return .
    I mean that the london open candle, it shut exactly about the bearish close with two rejection bars between and the wick of the next candle was only 15pips long.
    You went following the next bearish candle but only the wick touched the service zone, im a bit confused.

    do you think this transaction setup was valid?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I suggest that the london open candle, it closed exactly about the bearish close with two rejection pubs between and the wick of the next candle was just 15pips long. You moved following the bearish candle but just the wick touched the support zone confused. picture do you believe this trade setup was legitimate? picture
    Sorry mambomango, I'm at work.

    On my platform that the london open candle closed below the bearish close. You have is legitimate but the commerce triggered and delivered its results.

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    next commerce

    Eur/Cad 4 hours . Short on this one.

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    @oOlah thanks a lot for bring up this simple system up,I have been analyzing this method because it popped up,well I can only conclude that it's high likelihood, but among the I noticed besides your very own initial inputs is that these zones where price surged before either the 2 rejection has a higher prospect of grabbing at least 2:1 or even more..please let's keep this thread alive ,men. .

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    please I believe it is hard to understand this your egy will you assist me. Can you create a video from beginning, I have read the thread. This your method appears great.

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    Hi @oolah,

    Seems like a simple, great egy to me. Just wondering I do backtesting, what's your preferred broker? As different broker may provide candle formation based on its opening period.

    Kindly advise.


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    Hey everybody,

    Thought I'd get things rolling here again, I feel some folks could possibly be still trading this system and some are/were trying to receive it.

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