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Thread: BB, MACD, and everything else where appropriate

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    Researching the market using this specialized egic overlay makes more sense for me than anything else I've looked at.
    That can be for short term trading. So it's a lot of fun. Very.
    The basic chart is straightforward.
    Candles, Bollinger Bands, and the 400 sma
    First issue is to identify the trend daily.
    Down, up, apartment in a channel?
    Then find entrances on the reduced time frames which go with the trend.
    Can fine-tune that to at least the 5 minute candles.

    Constantly use a stop and be ready to take a small loss. It has two advantages. Prevents having to take a reduction that is larger after waiting for the transaction to turn round and waiting. And all that time might have been utilized to different transactions. I am carrying one trade at a time. It is fast moving to attempt and monitor multiple at a time.

    Loing the most appropriate sma on the proper time period using a cross of price on that as monitoring stop.

    News and information... and market openings and closings means heightened action and the possibility of a trend beginning but there's too much volatity right when the news is not there. Apparently there are pending orders above and just below out casing spikes in both direction and they have taken. So have to wait a few minutes until the trend can be recognized. To maintain a close watch for if they're scheduled.

    Viewing MACD. It's rolling over? Are there any divergences? Assessing the different time frames.

    No actual cash utilized however. So no fear of getting it wrong. But by going into the market utilizing the demonion it keeps my focus and I become more and more acquainted with the way the market moves.

    I will earn money. I am sure of it. But for now let me examine this seriously.

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    The buyers have been gone after a big uptrend. Trading in a station. The 400 sma just over. This could be as close at it gets to 400sma before going back down. But the day indies an prejudice. Some consolidation before significant move on the day.

    I took the transaction anyway. I would not have, if it were real money. But for purposes of studying that I took it.

    On the 30 min MACD is rolling over... 400 is just close. There's no information until NY 10am 3 hours.
    If there's 4 or 3 pip move I will take it. Stop is set 15...

    Not much action.

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    A very long rest apartment like this after big move upward resets everything. MACD looking like it wants to turn up...
    It's like starting over again to pick a trend. Move up never occurred.
    It may last up new buyers... or it may fade. But the general bias is left up to apartment on the day.
    Of course ANYTHING can occur in Currency Market. Hence that the stop is not there. To live another day, to play.
    Then there's this on the 1 hour. Normally if it closes outside and then inside the bb such as this it indies promoting off. But if the general bias is upward the selling is not really deep. Almost flatlining and then to restart upwards.
    New York open in 40 mins brings new traders... a lot of time NY will undo the London trend at first. There are standing orders and also some stop hunting that goes on by brokers.
    I prefer to not be sitting a trade when there's info and markets openings.
    This is for research purposes. A good way to find out what to not do and what to do.
    Alright Closed for -7 pips.

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    Outside for -7 pips... But instead not take a brief position....
    But perhaps it is okay to trade long and short because the day fad is flattened and not identifiable as long however.
    Only Await a long set ups... Maybe New York...

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    Okay, in brief...
    about the thirty macd rolling over and prices head for the 20.
    It is not actually an up fashion on the day however so both long and short are suitable...
    If it stalls here the 20 will appear to fulfill it.
    NY at 30 mins.

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    When I wanted to go short as found on the 30, I could have assessed that the 1 minute for a better entrance. I'd have seen the MACD was rolling over for retracing.

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    The target is that the 20sma about the 30 min which coincides with the decrease bb on the 15.
    But look at this bounce off the 400sma about the 1 min...
    that the 400sma is a very powerful ma.

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    That might be as long as it reach the goal. When it is slow like that the sma's and also the bollinger bands tighten.
    And come up the prices instead of the prices running to reach them. So prices do attain the bb but since they moved. Since the bb moved.
    These things all have to become second nature to me. So I don't even have to consider them.
    Like driving a car.
    One thing is for I don't need to be in a trade like that when NY opens... If it drops a bit I Will shut if not I will close anyhow.
    I'm short with my luck it will be a new leg up at NY open.
    Actually I'm pretty sure that's where it is going. To the 400sma on the 30 min.
    3 mins to NY
    Whoopie... outside for .02... I will retire now.

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    NY is open... data in 2 hours.
    I feel the 400 sma about the 30 minute is where it's headed.
    Following the data I'm believe it will pullback a few.
    So buying the rumor and also selling the news in drama?

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