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Thread: BB, MACD, and everything else where appropriate

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    I'd like to be in and out Many times on the way.
    That is the idea. Know the tendency and buy on pullbacks. .
    I'll find the hang of it.
    Practice makes perfect.
    Who knows if there'll be a forex market by the time I get it right.
    The entire economic system could crash any day.
    US national debt per person...

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    Just insufficient market action.
    Outside for 2.2
    Look for another entrance...

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    I think that is a bullish pattern on the 1 min.
    A bear trap
    When it pull back again I'll enter again.

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    yes it had been bullish
    might have waited for a pull back.
    Trying to break out and proceed for that 400sma on the 30?

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    Perhaps that was it... the high for the day. New York likely to undo it a bit.
    That is what happens when there's no defined trend.

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    There is that 400sma. This in about the 1 minute
    Wherever that 400sma seems it's like a magnet.

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    This is a lot of fun. I am as a church mouse. Could really use some cash.
    But at least I'm enjoying what I am doing. And I am learning how the markets go.
    Keep practicing.
    Need to cleanup, but who cares about that!!
    Need to consume something, forget it.

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    If I had been waiting to go long that I must have waited to get the pullback.
    It looked like a breakout.
    How many times has that happened?
    But of this overall direction is upward afterward even when I got the entrance a little wrong it won't matter.
    I think it is going up some more to reach the 400sma on the 30.
    So let us see if I had been right or just stuck in my thinking.
    Of course it might back strongly and get stopped out and then go to the 400sma.
    How many times has that happened?

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    Sideways until new home begins in US. . 1 hour.
    Subsequently oil 30 mins then.
    Sitting in this position is really a waste.
    I might have obtained a small loss and done 2 great trades at least at the time.
    I will find the hang of that if I practice and this happens enough times. Oh yeah. . I see. duh.
    No harm though. I see this as going up to the400sma.

    In US we can not trade with a long and short open in the same time
    and there's FIFO rule... first commerce opened has to be commerce closed.
    It's a real handicap. They allow all kinds of terrible market shenanigans. Crooked unethical stuff on levels. They do these rules?
    It simply hurts little people. I guess that is why.

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    I do not want to start more than 1 place at a time.
    If I had taken a little loss then I would have had 3 good trades on pullbacks because my prejudice had been trend up.
    Instead of risk one big loss...
    So I still watch more upside on the 30. .
    However, I'll wait for pullbacks on the 1 second

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