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Thread: MA plus Fibo = gtGreen pips

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    Hi All,
    I am a big fan of MA and Fibo, and I just used these 2 indior to trade. So far its doing OK on my account. I would love to use this diary to monitor my account functionality of these 2 indior. . Cheers for now. .

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    Fibo is used by me using stochs MA and RSI. looking forward to your postings. Fantastic luck!

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    ok, here we start. . I am using two pair of MA Fibo

    Filter MA 72,100
    Trade MA 5,10, 72,100
    Fibo both management on all timeframe from monthly to 15M

    Entrance = spanned 5,10 check Filter MA 72 lt; 100 (short), and 72 gt;100 (extended)
    Entrance = spanned 72,100
    Exit = hit fibo 38.2, 61.8, 100, 161.8, 261.8, 423.6 %

    Exit profit = gt; 20 pips
    TP = 0
    SL = 0 (I used hedging technique)

    Best time to trade 15M or 1H (it's possible to go higher for extended term)

    * I connected my placing tpl here for sample.

    Today trades been OK, managed to closed 371 pips. . I am still using micro thus its not that far in $

    hope next week have significantly more green pips

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    today closed place... not to much, some still jelqing float with combination of red, pink and green. . . .
    At least I add a little more $ in my account. . Next week could be more greener. .
    Good weekend all...

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    I have to commend you for this system.

    I discovered there's an EA that use. Is it to give u an alert of the crosses or when all criterias are satisfied?

    Just how long have you been using this program. It seems good.

    Tell us more about this EA. . .as well.

    Cheers and good job.

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    ops. . Forgot to mention, I'm also using zig zag to specify a point for your own Fibo line.

    This simple technique allow me to trades on 16 pairs. .

    NZDJPY yesterday and today been a good friend to me personally. .

    Maintain the crossing coming...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    I have to commend you for this particular system.

    I noticed there is an EA that u use. Is if all d criterias are met or it to give u an alert to the crosses?

    How long have you been using this program. It seems good.

    Tell us more about this EA. . .as well.

    Cheers and good job.
    hi there. . Yes, I am using a very simple EA to trade this technique. . Month been analyzing for 6 and accounts for the 6 month. . The principle of the EA are exactly the same as explained earlier, with only a bit of creative plenty direction... however, you can trade with this technique manually. .

    This is sample of my backtest with this trading egy. .

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    what a swing only now.... Most pair transferred by 100 - 300 pips in several minutes...

    most of my place got our just in time before the alteration. . Very very lucky today I guess... 3 out of 16 pairs obtained stuck tho, hopefully it will be out by tomorrow afternoon. .

    This morning I begin trading using 0.02 lots, and from morning till today, have the ability to shut approx. 500 pips with 13 pairs...

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    horey. . Its weekend again. .
    This week has been great for my own trading. . Couples of floating pair, but most of it got out having nice little profit. . My trading account edge up slightly... currently trading with 0.02 lots. .
    Today closed US40 ( approx 2000 pips = 0.02 a lot)

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    tracking my trading performance for year 2008...
    I hope to increase more than 25K by end of this year, then more wiser to begin a standard account. .

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