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    Hello Sir, your trading design looks intriguing. Can you explain more ? How to find the reconnection price ? To understand some basic principles would be fine. And , why does price tend to reconnect ? Couldn't figure out this

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi Sir, your trading style appears intriguing. Can you explain more about reconnection ? How to find the reconnection price ? To know some fundamental principles would be nice. And does price tend to reconnect ? Could not figure out this
    is the term I use when price is connected back with the equilibrium after trading for a prolonged time period in the extremes.

    No extremes no trade, this is the first requirement. The second requirement is that the cycles.

    Now - sometimes the trends are so powerful that the cycles don't turn immediately in the extremes, and that's the reason the original entry needs to have the ability to exit at least in B/E, since the connection in the close of the day is guaranteed.

    This guarantee, however, is moving, exactly like every other moving average. It is not a fixed price. So that the analysis begin with guaranteeing the B/E exit, and analyzing the possible position of the equilibrium within n numbers of hours.

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    1.4% account expansion yesterday.

    All traded pairs are now linked. On the lookout for new positions although the wait could be long.

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    Here a little secret for those people trading any kind of cycles (I say any sort of cycles since the idea is cycles generally - When a trader doesn't know what a cycle is then better give up trading):

    trading in extremes levels, the fact that a cycle doesn't mature in the retracement move, doesn't indie that the end of the world. It is just too far away in distance that is horizontal to become synchronized. Once it renews itself the retracement/reversal will occur. The art is made in determining that the entry can exit at B/E and to stick to the development of the renewing cycle to put the position, which will be the only collecting the profit of the trade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Here a little secret for those people trading any sort of cycles (I say any sort of cycles since the notion is cycles generally - If a trader does not understand what a cycle is then better give trading up): Trading in extremes levels, how a cycle does not grow into the retracement movement, does not indie that the end of the world. It's simply too far away in space to become synchronized with the cycle that will finally create the reversal. Once it renews itself with all the dominant cycle, then the retracement/reversal will take place....
    This has been demoned to be true especially this week. The market generally is moving, due to the heaviness of these tendencies, they create mini cycles indoors, and which means trends in the terms that are short.

    One way to manage this is to take modest profits and then re-enter, but that demands a lot of observation to respond on time.

    The best solution would be to ch good rankings always, and when price visits this area again to be prepared to enter again provided the mini cycles restart the original intention of this transaction, which is counter tendency.

    Quite simply the objective is to position as best as you can in the extremes throughout the exhaustion of this trend.

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    NZDCHF and CADCHF have been disconnected from the balance for over 2 times. These type of things are information to print money.

    Price must join at the third day.

    So what can you look for if you know this? To enter as far away from this balance to collect the amount of pips.

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    Its way is being prepared by the USDCAD upward. In the process the bears continue to be in heavy hands, and the cycles showing that the up are extremely weak more down is forthcoming.

    This is inducing the CAD pairs to be trading at extremes: CADCHF and CADJPY, with powerful opportunities for reconnection.

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    I have scalped that pair just a bit now and I am currently waiting a new up in the micro cycle.

    I have 3 positions open in the GBPCHF but not enjoying the high price of the pair so I will close the oldest position as soon price is revealing 1 pip positive.

    It's not all about securing exits at B/E but also keeping the margin wholesome while trades are in DD.

    At the end there is never DD with this system, but throughout the maturation of the trades there is DD up to 2% of their equity.

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    Best participant of This Afternoon:




    And with them forming crosses with:

    NZD, JPY, GBP and AUD

    This means that USD has N't played any significant role Now.

    Trading professionaly needs to stop looking at the majors as the sole option and open your mind to trade crosses.

    One more reminder: Consistently use SL. Mine are crisis SL placed at positions I know price will not reach. But understanding what happened using all the CHF on January 15, 2015, better to shed 150 pips than 2000.

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    Week started.

    Seeing carefully a few pairs attached to the GBP: GBPJPY, GBPNZD GBPCHF, all to short.

    Also watching the USDCAD which did not have the sufficient strength to keep up the up due to its ethereal up cycle. Needs something more solid and opens up the chance for a mega up coming out of a renewed turn in the base (lower low).

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