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    Highly satisfied by todays results.

    If everyone can go and check the last hour AUDUSD, AUDJPY and NZDJPY they'll observe the 3 entries were ideal in addition to the take profit.

    The account has made 4 trades today, one final night and 3 now, for a total of 2.7% growth of the account. Being the minimum goal per month, the end result couldn't be any greater, because practically in 1 hour the week result was attained. But this can only be made with precision entries because they void the need of entering with another benefit of being able to place B/E directly, plus for the next time.

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    AUDJPY, NZDJPY y AUDUSD are reconnected. The pursuit of a new perfect entry kept me away from entering. For some reason the market hasn't remained at the intense levels waiting for the natural movement of cycles.

    The pairs which could still give opportunities ending today or at the beginning of the next week would be the GBP pairs, all of them, nevertheless when they first hit the intense now was a hit and retrace. The cycles are running with the trend so we will see not or if they will eventually return to a chance loion.

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    This thread was made from the Journals section because the objective is to keep track of my trades. That is why I'm the follower if my account is dropped.

    I had been discussing with a fantastic buddy of mine why I had been so unwind if my account had a little DD of 100 USD and the USDJPY was at such a thick intraday down today.

    The thing is that if price must go up and connect back with the balance it will simply occur. When the bicycles are respected as well as the entries are goodthere will be profit.

    And if the market decides to take a spike, then? No issue, you do not trade lots. My trades today kept me in a margin of almost 3,000%. Provided my Margin Call is 200%, I am calm.

    I do put a SL but is in a distance that allows me to respond in case I need to put any other transaction, this moment, in an even greater price. However, the objective, nonetheless, remains the same.

    What people do not see, is that these spikes that the market can take from time to time, can also be tradable counter trading. The spike happens, but following some 30-45 minutes of madness, the smallest cycles ch up with price again and also a new chance of renewing the counter trade arises. And if this happens than it was the room the balance remains in exactly the neighborhood proceeds even now, and there.

    The key is to trade with good margin, that's all, and no anxiety. If the cycles to be respected by the subject is in place, then CTT shouldn't be harmful, but instead very rewarding.

    Today trades:

    Approx 3 percent increase, 6 percent this week.

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    After 3 days of being connected with all the equilibrium and sliding down the bottom of the extreme, the USDJPY is finally reconnected.

    Funny thing is I had been there when the last retracement began to create but I needed a super perfect entry that never came. Weekly result was excellent so I had decided to take entry, the result was no trade.

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    I will share the main component of this system: the Valid Zones in which to enter and also the Exit.

    I could talk about the next component, the one that really makes the entry, but I'm comfortable maintaining that to myself.

    The legitimate zones by themselves are winning zones. Taking them they protected something: to exit at a minimum at B/E.

    There's one major gap in the term Break Even in the conventional trading versus the one made counter trend trading.

    When CTT, a trend can be so powerful that may take the market further outside. As a rule of thumb, it's my obligation to establish a Stop Loss from the very beginning, a percent of the account, generally 2.5 percent. This SL is not considered in the standard provisions of Risk to Reward ratio, because it in case of emergency. It doesn't work in the standard way of percent of wins versus percent of losses. This is one thing that only Counter Trend traders understand.

    A winner trade makes from 0.6 to 1.2 percent of their equity. Since the trade happens very infrequently, or never happens, it would take a few 3 trades that are successful to recover.

    I am willing to take the 2.5% risk every moment, using a maximum of 10% vulnerability (4 simultaneous transactions or 3 transactions risking 3.3% each).

    Ok, so reunite, a B/E when counter trend trading means : getting back to the entry level after being immersed in a strong trend, provided the reconnection degree is still there.

    Why is the exit is your reconnection degree, so being in unfavorable means nothing if the distance of pips given by the SL risk allows the transaction to breath good enough. Additionally, the SL distance is already planned in advance. I need 2 things: that the very first entry can exit at B/E, and a 2nd trade will profit, and this occurring within the original SL level.

    Well, I believe I mentioned the philosophy of the risk management rather than my original plan to present a chart, but it was significant.

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    I entered a trade last night at the CHF/USD for 35 pips. The pair has been apartment today that I depart, practically with 3 pips from favor. The maximum my trade had been profit was 15 pips but the day it had been up and down between my entrance along with a 10 pips profit, everytime expecting to continue.

    Alghough the connection is still there, price is no more at my extreme taste because it transferred flat and there may or might not be an extra cycle.

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    And now is connected. When the cycles are ready it always connects. The only problem is that it was so slow that those cycles had created an image of creating a new up .

    Now the opportunity is closed, totally over. Very transactions to the week's reminder.

    By the method by which in which the connection was 25 pips, so not a big distance.

    My expectation is that after the connection instantly resumes the tendency and hits more extreme levels.

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    There are 28 pairs coming in the crosses of the currencies: AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD and USD.

    In alphabetic order:


    With so many options, there Isn't Any need to chase or follow one single pair in particular.

    A dashboard to view all of them at once when they are in the trading zones which you want is of upmost importance.

    A commerce can go a little bit in the negative once you are in a transaction, but not for such a long time, and with all the assurance to depart at zero as minimal always there. This is the peace of mind that professional TTC gives.

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    It is time to do something significant for this account, a new month is beginning.

    The last transactions are B/E or with minimal profit so the curve is currently in a plateau.

    The reasons:

    - Good zone but early entrances
    - Early exits not allowing for the complete completion of this trade

    The second rationale is ok up to certain purpose, but the primary one is unacceptable.

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    Obtained a general idea of what I do and a very kind, however they didn't have the courtesy of replying back. This is how people behave. When they do not receive a set of indiors and of the secrets of my system I guess that my reply is not good and they prefer to be impolite.

    If you are reading this and are among these persons please do not bother about contacting me.

    I've a very professional trading going on here, which demands a hard work of analysis and risk management, and my goal is to record this trading publicly so that I can improve what I do privately. I exchange a significant account where many men and women are copying precisely what I do. This is the sole reason I could be contacted by you. Other than that, I do not provide secrets of any system.

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