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Thread: How to lose 1.2 million dollars and burn 300 subscribers

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Your from your friggen mind! Look me up. I'm exposing his batshit trading in excruciating detail, which you're either to lazy to check at or to dumb to comprehend. Just because I am objective and don't think that he did it on purpose, you think that this German is Italian? I see your. Do yourself a favor and move to a lower elevation. This whole exercise here proves the old adage that no good deed shall go unpunished.
    I see it the same way, there is simply no upside down losing for him, not with losing subscriber base, maybe not with losing other trading chances, and I know about one...
    What one should learn from this, as a trader, or as an investor?

    Everything is more likely to collapse. The best traders possess.
    One thing that - maybe- a prior stat can not predict.
    Technical or plogical reasons, really greatest thing.

    A trader can use some sort of stop, preferable maybe some automatic one, that takes decision some stage from his hands, when emotions inclined to run large, and the temptation to over ride the initial loss limits is likely. Yes, traders are people, and not without weakness. But knowing and accepting those, opens up a chance to prepare for them.
    Never a secret I like equity SL.
    Can define risk tolerance and can place things that at that point an EA or script take the decision from me, and shut all.
    Admit, because trader has a chance to tamper this, it is not 100% fail proof, but usually when there is some discipline, there will be less chance to modify on the fly. Also it's the trader's fund, right?

    Investors standpoint is different.
    He does not have most of the time the same insight into trading. See a position on, but maybe not always understand the expectations on it, or why it started.
    Have a promise in the trader he follows about low drawdown, but what that number may be? Who can tell, actually?
    Well, the investor needs to be able to tell!!
    And can, by so often investor is just as much a gambler than the trader he subscribe to!
    And idle, most investors are idle!! They can execute that equity SL!!! And define their risk and reduction tolerance. Plus powerful take out the decision making at some stage from the trader's hand. In the end, the trader can recuperate, and they stuck in a reduction vs a profit in a stage, however better losing 10-20% of capital, than being down -40-80% and top of the emotional rollercoaster, with the only things left is a prayer not to die and crash, but with less and less rational means to prevent this stage.
    The dice has been cast!

    There is a middle ground of course, some trade copiers, or PAMM accounts will let both parties to define and set this risk sum, $ or % equity. It is a must if one truelly size, or an investor, maybe not few 1000s.
    Cos traders that he plogical. A fact. Many had lost his head, the truth is I think most probably anybody who deals has expertise.
    Best you can do is prepare for it.
    I know I do the same way, using equity SL script, so, on primary account when I'm slow, or hesitant, or stubborn to close a transaction, it's my risk, however any other connected account will automatically implement an equity SL, and I'm disciplined enough for this to not tinker those setups.
    Reduction is part of trading and it occurs all the time!
    But one can and should have the ability to define the maximum!!!
    Traders and investors alike!

    Happy trading!

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    Programmer of Abby unskilled and tottally was dishonest.
    He neglect walkforward examine his method during bear markets, sufficient long history and boosted his egy look better only long trades and multiple !
    Nothing to perform construction position. Just fixing bad entrance.

    MQL5 makes way too simple people loose they cash, because absence of exprerience and skills to read greeks/stats and comprehension.

    Without programming abilities everybody can produce similar egy significantly less than hour using free ea builder or ninjatrader. Instance using multiple moving average crossover.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Your out of your friggen head! Look up me. At excruciating detail, and that you are either to check at or to stupid to understand I am exposing his batshit trading. Just because I don't think he did it on purpose and am objective, you think that this German is currently Italian? I see your from Switzerland. Do yourself a favor and move to a lower elevation. This entire exercise here just proves the old adage that no good deed will go unpunished.
    I just wrote : I've a suspicion. I didn't say: I've a certainty.
    I just wrote: am I wrong ? It was a question that is simple , so you might answer YES.
    Instead, your arrogant , intolerant and offensive reaction makes me think thay I have touched an uncovered nerve.

    PS : friggen thoughts , lazy , stupid , etc. : state this to your mother and to your close relatives.

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    and kk100
    I agree with whatever you say.
    He was just wildly stabbing at the market that was basically going in one direction.
    You're absolutely right when you state that the readers are are just as much players.
    I believe that many of them are hoping for blind luck.
    The proof of that is that I offered to analyze any .csv trading history for anybody who cared to submit an appliion to me personally.
    It turns out that nobody wants to look behind the curtain. Thar be Dragons!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    programmer of Abby was dishonest and tottally unskilled. He fail walkforward test his method through bear markets, enough long history and boosted his egy appear better long multiple and trades ! Nothing related to building position. Just bad entrance. Because lack of skills and exprerience to read greeks/stats and comprehension mQL5 makes sense people loose they money. Without coding abilities everyone can create similar egy significantly less than hour, utilizing free ea builder or ninjatrader. Instance utilizing multiple moving average crossover.
    MQL5 ought to keep bad performing egies pages; so people may observe the past.

    There is a survivorship bias on their website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hudithepfupf....That Abbey example you're showing is by a site that does not provide you a history.
    It does, simply go on the site and look at it...

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    Though the transaction history of any trader is observable after registering, it isn't exportable to be examined.
    Please see the answer in their CS. I've attempted.

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    You can go through this background and see that the pattern of hiding and stockpiling loosing trades until the day of reckonging.

    I would call it gambling based on hopium along with some sort of Martingale....
    Any equity curve that's too easy to be accurate will most likely be too smooth to be true.

    Even though background is hidden....doesn't matter....if you understand how it seems like you don't even have to look at history to understand just what's happening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    You can just go through that background and see the classical pattern of concealing and stockpiling loosing trades till the day of reckonging. I'd call it gambling based on hopium along with some sort of Martingale.... Any equity curve which is too easy to be accurate will be too smooth to be true. Even if background is hidden....doesn't matter....if you understand how it seems like you don't even need to look at history to understand exactly what's happening.
    You might just have the ability to get an overall sense of this trading style of a particular trader by tracing some transactions out of his history and adhering to a few entries and exits with some mental gymnastics.
    Ironically you'll also almost certainly be appropriate when you conclude that there's a lot of stupidity and luck hiding behind those smooth Equity Curves.
    However, I can assure you that night becomes a bright day when you find every trade of every pair plotted in their proper charts.
    And this is just half the story. The Excel spreadsheet gives you the full story on all the data points I recorded.
    I just recently examined what I thought were the best dozen or so signs on MQL5 together with the intend of subscribing. I came away completely depressed.
    Just about all systems were Martingale and Grid based even if the trader said that this wasn't the case. Some of them had subscribers galore.
    About the only egy will be to invest whatever cash you can afford to loose in the expectation which you may withdraw your initial investment, and get a free ride there after. Keeping in mind that this should be done. Taking the subscription cost in to consideration, you are probably looking at close to 4 figures.
    It's quite painful when you look at a long trading history of over a year for instance, and you find a trading pattern which could be considered competitive but okay, but then you see phases of insanity where cash needed to be deposited to maintain a low DD and prevent a margin call. What is to state that this will work next time. But then who is to say that it won't work?
    Once I had a Croupier in Vegas tell me that he's noticed Red come up 48 times in a row.
    Anyway...I'd love to convince you. So pick on on any signal on Mql5 and tell me. I hope I can prove my point.

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