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Thread: joe chalhoub fx forecaster system

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    What's your MA or EMA preferences ?

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    Extended away known as a repainter indic.
    Stop dreaming.
    Be careful

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    Hi philstodd
    I don't use Metatrader,
    can you please post the type and value of your MAs
    Otherwise your system/egy isn't clear for me personally
    best regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Heres my system I've been demoing. Look it over. First let me clarify with this indior. They're always the little histogram bar that appears below or above the center point, if you notice the entrance lines. above is a buy signal. Below is a sell signal. In case you look majority of the time these transactions enter profit and generally profit. Additionally on the leaves it is generally a small loss in comparison with the huge wins.I only trade on both and 4 hour period frames with this system. You either depart on blank pure price action change candles or you depart...
    Fascinating, thanks for sharing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi, Long away called a repainter indic. Quit dreaming. Https:// Take care Tom98
    So far I haven't noticed any repainting since if you look the trend could go against you then come right back again. Therefore you would be negative in Pips sometimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    hello I really do not use Metatrader, can you please post the kind and value of your MAs Otherwise your system/egy is not evident for me best regard
    When I get home from work that I will give you the moving averages when I can get on my computer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote So far I have not noticed any repainting since in case you look the trend could go from you and then come right back. Therefore you'd be negative in Pips occasionally.
    Then open the code.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello I do N't use Metatrader, can you please post the kind and value of your MAs Otherwise your system/egy Isn't clear for me best regards
    10 exponential moving average Group into the high and 20 exponential Place into the low

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    The indior will not look good in hind sight, however it will do a kind of repainting. If you switch timeframes out of say a M15 to M30 and again, you will notice the entry signals in various areas (usually about 2 or three bars distinct on the most recent signals). Leave the indior on and try it. The indior works OK if you do the reset as mentioned until you think a sign may develop.

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    if u look over from eur/usd chart I introduced since then....58 pip move down....beautiful

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