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Thread: I cant get rid of my bad trading habits...

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    I suffer from this issue of no discipline for years. Im eventually profitable. I understand my problem is not sticking to my system and revenge commerce which is my major issue. My way is 1 trade each day. Once I entered my commerce with tp and sl put I do some thing else.

    Until I enter my commerce I will ask myself and write it down 'is this a correct trade in accore with my system? If yes congratulation.' You really ought to know your system's outcome. Eg my system provides 75% win with tp sl 1. So I will know on average I win 3 times out of 4.

    The principal issue with several individuals and even myself is not believing that your system well enough. This creates fear of doubt and generates anxiety. I to suffer from this if I see my commerce. So go do something else as soon as you've entered your commerce in accore with your system.

    Good luck. Its been a long trip

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I have been too fighting with the same issues for long time. But... Let us test it. I'm short GBP/JPY in 151.645 goal is 151.050 2 things will happen. 1. Simply take the profit first, price will go to my goal and beyond. 2. Wait til my goal, price will undo to get a reduction. My choice will be.... Let's not wait for my goal and tamper with TP. Let's see what this MOFO will do. I'll keep you updated. Let's see what happens.

    Well it occurred. I chose to wait for tp, shy of 15 pips then it ripped 170 pips upward .
    Closed out in 15 pips at the close of the first bull candle.

    Wow, just wow.

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    Read my previous forum article, there should be a video on why your SL proceed. . .RECOMMENDED.

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    You have poor impulse control. Best you receive under control before it ruins you. Decrease your trade size and transaction time frames that are high to minimize the instantaneous gratifiion of trading and the fear of dropping big.

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