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Thread: EURUSD

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    ECB Press Conference - 26 April 2018 - reside now

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    Short at 1.2195. SL 40 pips. TP 1.2110

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Pending buy at 121 50 filled ...
    SL @ 121 69

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    ECB heads upward. Nothing that they say or do changes the arrangement.
    THE ECB do not know the EURO, they argue argue with their insecurities concerning why euro is moving up.
    All they understand is how to print more money from thin air and destroy savings. .

    My machine (the fibs) Are stating we're done using the upright position.
    Slight opportunity for 1.2290 however, the fib narrative says Euro and Aud are both in the next reverse and extend (down) targets.
    This re hint is done and that I announce down the next run officially OPEN.
    It is after 2pm Euro enjoys make primary move of the afternoon following 2pm gmt.

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    proceed as of hr previously , now in m30, a bear diamond in rather small tf , no reliable any but current. So shake well.take maintenance
    No eed ed any half ticke, it's enough powerful to test breaks 1.2091/88 to hit 1.1959 ! Lets view

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    This dip down is ideal. . .once the dust settles, I will go in with lots for 1,23

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    This dip down is ideal. . .once the dust settles, I'll go in with larger lots for 1,23
    ok , need breaks signals to it 1.2128/1.2182 confirm 1.2208, otherwise crush proceeds .take maintenance ,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Okay , need breaks Signs for it 1.2128/1.2182 Affirm 1.2208, Differently crush continues .take Maintenance , Picture
    Right now I don't have any Transactions open on euro, I always tend to be flat Forward of Draghi, I Allow Draghi for the gamblers

    I'm Just long nzdusd, but this pair bores me

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