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    Part 1

    As many of you may have gathered from my articles and charts, I've a passion for your Vegas Systems. In particularly, the 4hr Tunnel. The potential of that model absolutely ”cried” at me.

    It gave me new focus and direction to my egies. We have engaged in discussions of V4T merits from the Lost in The Tunnel thread. Dials immense understanding of it is appliion has helped many of us. PF members have benefited from intense, thorough instruction of Dial's ”Knife” system dependent on the 4hr Model.

    When I think ”life is great” and ”how could it be better?” Vegas, himself comes to answer questions in our forum and offers up his most astonishing file yet, THE VEGAS WEALTH BUILDER. Vegas you never cease to amaze me!

    I use his guides to my charts and also the probabilities jump out at me. (without RSI, Bolinger Bands, Stochastics, Full Moons, Black Cats, Numerology, Harmonic Convergence.......ect.)

    The VWB has me floored. We're all interested in further understanding of this intense record. I read the VWB discussion many times per day and several of you appear to be getting a grounding in the theories. I'm lagging somewhat in my integrating this system...... but I shall Persevere. The possible dictates I do this. But I digress....Back into the 4Hr Model!

    I would never look a gift horse in the mouth but if anything were to bug me about the 4hr model it had been this: COUNTER-TREND STRATEGY. Or lack thereof. Observing an 8MA hook aligned with the existing Weekly Trend, then a follow through gain streak, It was necessary to wait for the market to fix. This correction would usually be powerful but there was no signal from the model to gain from the transfer. I would ride up the monster the bull hill but had no way to grab a ”keep” down from the trend. In case you followed the principles of the 4hr model, you know what I am Talking about. What was needed was a means to indie the ”exhaustion” of the move.

    Voila! VWB.... .Thank you sir.

    To make a Brief story long.... .

    The general consensus is now the Black Dot tendency from the VWB, supercedes the Weekly Trend from the 4hr Model. This postulate has bugged me from the beginning. The Ability of the Weekly Trend in V4T is incontrovertible me. How is it negated or relegated to obscurity with the advent or instead discovery of the ”Black Dot” trend? (not withstanding it is own amazing power.)

    A week or two, after the release of VWB (Jan 26 ,'06) I had been fortunate enough to clumsily input a black dot ”keep” trade. This profitable Trade stalled around the Daily Tunnel and merged. With half of my rankings closed for gain and the other half in BE, I had been in a word: stoked! While watching this ”consolidation” I noticed the 4hr weekly tendency was bullish and a textbook, primary V4 Tunnel commerce was forming so I set it up!

    The lengthy haul triggered, I set on 3 full rankings, as I do in most main trades. I closed my staying shorts for gain. The Long haul sputtered, than took off with strength, across the 55MA and finally stalled just short of P1. (@159pips) retreated and that I had been Stopped outside at BE. OK. I am a bonehead. I should have covered some for profit. But this Discussion isn't about gain (in the strictest sense). This discussion is all about PROBABILITIES.

    This ”Bear to Bull” back to back run eager me with the chance of the evasive Counter Trend plan for your V4T but I needed more Info, so I marked every V4T weekly momentum shift on my GBP/USD daily chart (VWB indies) back to 1996. I was taken aback at what I saw. I shared it with Dial and Vegas and got a positive reaction. Now I would like to discuss it with you. I am aware that a study of a single pair can be anecdotal. However I think you may agree that the probabilities presented here deserve attention if not respect.

    Once again I'm still working on entries and exits. This discussion and connected charts will be about the seemingly powerful correlation between the ”V4T Weekly Momentum Trend” along with also the ”VWB-Black Dot Trend” whether aligned or opposing!

    Have a Look!

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    Thank You for the explanation and the Graphs HJ

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    Component 2

    ......What I'm noticing is that there is just 1 instance from Feb 2002 to the present when a ”Black Dot Entry” crosses the Daily tube and finishes it's journey to the contrary ”take note” or ”extreme ” lines, when counter into the Weekly Momentum Trend. Most of the time it stalls and reverses someplace around the tube!

    When the ”Black Dot” ”Weekly Momentum” is aligned the VWB entry tends to cross completely into the contrary extremes. Sometimes a Change in Weekly Momentum will change while a ”Black Dot” trade is in progress and additional influence the outcome ”mid movement”

    once I explained this to Dial he likened into a mental picture of ”opposing winds in the dessert.”

    I view it this way:

    Weekly Momentum is a potent force that suggests that prices transfers in its leadership.

    The ”Take Notice” or ”Extreme” lines are strong rubber bands which stretch till they can't take it any more then fling back the price towards the tube.

    When these rubber bands ”let fly” counter together with the weekly trend, prices tends to get stalled at or around the daily tunnel. Having met with an opposing force.

    When an entry off the extreme fibs is aligned with the Weekly momentum trend, this momentum tends to act as an ”aid” and helps to push prices to another extreme.
    Lt;EDIT- I left just thrtake noice fibs on the graph below cause man it's busy!gt;


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    Part 3.)

    The Chart in the last article says that this hold accurate straight back to Dec 2004. I've since checked back much further and I tell you that this correlation is remarkable! As to implementation, I defer to your knowledge. This is brand new to me.

    I can see where it can assist in gauging the probable strength of a move or maybe integrate into position/risk plans....... .And my Favourite COUNTER TREND 4HT ENTRYS

    I need to plot more Pairs as time allows. When there is an interest I will post them

    I shall attach a zip of all charts back to 2002 to your review.

    Please let me know what you consider this study. And if you find that I am off base.

    If I am wrong .........I plead Bonehead!

    Great Trading All!


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    Outstanding presentation! Than when you discussed it last 11, better!

    People, HeavyJ has really done his homework with this one! This is well worth paying attention to!

    Great job HeavyJ!!


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    HeavyJ does this usually means people dont use the weekly trend.

    So like we view cable is trading in the significant fib number. And when the 4 hour graph provides a signal to buy/sell we'll proceed with it and it most likely will tally with the VMB and turn into a winner. Is that right?

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    Interesting analysis HeavyJ.

    Please keep this thread moving. The logic behind your analysis looks spot on to me utilising the early signals that Vegas's systems create harmony with the more dominant trend....that is unless I am a bonehead too !!!!

    Great work



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    Heavy J
    Top stuff Man You're about to it

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    Damn it, the bonehead virus is spreading reason I didnt really understand that your theory. So, basically, in the event the significant trend is upward, you would long the retracements using the 4HT system and you would short the exhaustations off the VWB system?

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