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    Its been some time since I've posted anything. Thought it might try to find some ideas . Attached is a EA that cycles through all the major currency pairs and computes their worth using synthetic indexes. Basically its Triangulation as well as the EA shows the Bid and Ask for each currency pair. This opens the doorway hoping that by submitting it which you guys will produce some ways to use it.

    One instance might be that rather than taking a lengthy EUR/USD place you might choose to have a lengthy EUR/JPY Short USD/JPY that's essentially the exact same position.

    Or for those of you who still want to market, you can do it using the synthetics

    As an instance: Hedge your Long EUR/USD position with a brief EUR/JPY and Long USD/JPY place

    I look forward to watching (and ideally programming and profiting from) some new viewpoints, Lets see what you got.

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    Dear Friend,

    You've forgotten to attach the EA. You have attached the picture file.


    Rajat Verma

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    I would be interested in taking a look at the code for that which you have so far. If you are inclined to share it.

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    I understand your calculation, but what does the font colour stands for?

    Blue - ask
    pink - bit

    how about yellow and green?

    BTW, I thought you have got an excellent egy, why you ask for new thoughts? It does not work? Or few? Or a lot of false?

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    I guess out it, the green and yellow colour usually means the calculated price is far better than or same as the trading price.

    But you need to overcome two spreads on the two pairs you select and you face the risk of can not get the 2 orders of both of your pairs go through.

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