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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi Evan,
    Thanks very much for that.

    Can you assist with a succinct explanation of what I does for me and what it's doing in the above code?

    I understand it's adding 1 to itself and so forth, but I am a bit fuzzy with that.

    Thank you

    The statement
    for(int I=0;ilt;20;I )
    sets up a 'loop'.

    -- The segment before the first semi-colon int I=0 determines the start standards, i.e. the variable is set to a value of 0.

    -- The segment prior to the second semi-colon ilt;20 decides the condition required to maintain the loop 'living', i.e. I should remain less than 20. The moment this condition no longer exists, i.e. I reaches a value of 20, the loop ends, and the program procced with the first statement outisde the curly braces, i.e.
    averageval = averageval / 20 ;

    -- The segment before the second semi-colon ilt;20 occurs during each iteration of the loop. I is permissible shorthand for I=I 1, i.e. increase the value of I by 1. Everything within the curly braces

    averageval = averageval myarray[I] ;

    gets implemented just prior to the value of being increased.

    See http://docs.mql4.com/basis/operators/for for More Information.

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    That is great. Very helpful.
    Thanks very much.

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    In addition, I have a query,
    can it be possible to draw histogram in the same window with the chart? (w/o using objects to draw it manually 1 by 1),
    the Same as the Volumes histogram if we Enable showing Volume in the chart option/properties

    Thanks in advance

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    Helllo jm1941

    can you kindly post latest final version... of above?
    Interested inside!


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Could somebody please help me by posting the absolute minimal code necessary to plot a value for a histogram? (The value I'm working with is the pip gap between Pair1 and Pair2 for instance)

    I have been messing around with it by sneaking bits from here and there, but from the bits I have copied from other indiors I can't work out how to specify a 0 point for the histogram bars to emerge, nor the number of bars back to be computed. I would like to get a range /- .

    Thanks very much.

    I want Pip distinct table involving Pair1 vs Pair2 for trade setup.

    See connected Jason Pdf

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