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    Line patterns

    (the future of the bsTL egy)

    Would any programmer want to create the under as an indior?

    At the upper right corner of the chart, a dot disappears between every tick and seems with every tick. Here is the tick conquer.
    In a separate window under the main chart, the amount of ticks for the chart's candle (or other PA type) appears in the finish of the number's individual candle. Each amount prints from your window relative to the other numbers at the same vertical and horizontal position because its own candle does to the other candles on the chart. Here is actually the tick count.

    I'd imagine that if you had a large number of ticks in a small candle or a few ticks in a large candle, then the import of that candle'd shift to the indior's consumer. Additionally, the tick conquer would help one pick on moves that are intra-candle.

    One downfall would be numbers excessively high to read efficiently in the daily, weekly and monthly scales, so the indior would, through standard configurations when loading the indior, don't work at those levels except in the consumer's discretion.

    STik (Hurry with TF separators, read with fun patterns: bottle cap, cookie cutter, drunken step, ripple, 45) ,


    Part of the bsTL microverse: Overview , patterns (or, those with more or fewer candles), TF use , trading . (And its potential: automatic ; exact .)

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    Sounds like a tick volume indior. It would only assess the volume based on your borker's price feed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    seems like a fancy tick quantity indior. It would only assess the quantity based on your borker's price feed.
    Sorry took so long to answer. No, you've got the incorrect idea. Think of notation. An example of what I am looking for is the vertical lines from http://codebase.mql4.com/5044 . Only, this sets the number of ticks per TF's unit of time. So that an individual does not require vertical lines such as STik has, I would like a graphical representation of the time between every tick, to be contained with the quantity and direction of every tick. From the indior I am looking to have, there would be lots of empty spaces between lines, precisely timing when every tick reveals within each one of the TF's period components. Therefore, tick conquer (a phrase from music).

    The quantity addition, making each of the pitches a particular size to reveal its quantity and also making each of the pitches a particular color (by way of instance, up blue, down red, and neutral (if there is one in forex) grey), is wonderful to have, also. You can't have everything, frequently, nevertheless.

    I know your complaint about volume in forex. (Read esignal has a good one.) I follow VSA's opinion on this issue, that the volume is comparable enough.

    If anybody wishes to write this indior and place it, that would be great.

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    So, basically, you want a light to flash for each new tick?

    And for the list: forex volume is calculated depending on the amount of ticks at a bar.

    The flashing light isn't hard to code, the matter is how long to leave the light up there. =D. In computer time, I will create it flash because it's just too darn fast and you wouldn't see it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    So, basically, you want a light to flash for each new tick?

    And for the record: forex quantity is calculated based on the number of ticks in a pub.

    The flashing light isn't difficult to code, the matter is how long to leave the light up there. =D. In computer time, I will make it flash perhaps 50-100 occasions, and you wouldn't see it since it's simply too darn fast.
    (I rewrote my answer to eliminate additional information to the conclusion of the post.)

    Thanks for the article.
    Yes, that is exactly what I want, the flashing light in one corner of this chart, like a current-price label that changes at the speed of this price, just that of this tick.

    The first thing I had to reply your query was limits. Metronome freeware or limited-trial software progr that I've seen have various limits, generally below 240 (taken from a popular, free one to get a guitar) beats per minute. (I've read (source: Ecstatic Postures (Felicitas Goodman)) that the mind can enter theta hearing a multitonic metronome played at 215 bpm, under certain circumstances, and theta is deep thought, one step away from sleep.) This limit seems an okay one to go with, even though it's sound instead of light. Thus 240 bpm is4 beats per minute. One'd base the tick conquer dividing a second and thus having 240 spots each minute for the flash.

    The flashing light today appears to be a metronome app, just at the pace the market places. If ticks bunch together so that the mind can not or won't distinguish them, say all 163 volume ticks of one minute on the GBP/USD (that I found glancing at MT4's built-in Volumes indior on the previous several months' 1' g/u) into a single minute of that one moment, then the tick beat indior'd need to list all or most of the ticks as a single beat from the corner of this chart, followed closely by silence or a sterile space during that moment.

    One'd thus lump together into a single tick beat or 'flash' any ticks that happen within every 1/4-second interval.
    Then, one'd have to think about if there's one tick past the interval.
    This brings forth the question of when tick quantity crosses over two or more 1/4-second slots, how does one reflect it on the on-chart tick beat 'flash'. The 'flash' might behave, speed-wise, somewhat like those indiors that print the current price on the chart as soon as it changed it would reply to the tick not the price. The 'flash', limited to a fourth of another per defeat, could hold for 1/2 moment(or, ) when one tick appeared past the standardized first 1/4; the 'flash', today more a light, would hold before a whole 1/4 held no ticks.

    I trust this answers your query.


    Just to get it on paper, no offense, I have an idea for an oscillator to record the tick defeat's actions.

    It'd be a separate-window 1/4-second volume pubs with an indior having under 'Inputs' a user-defined variable (5 minutes to 4 minutes) that adjusts the diameter separately from the main chart.
    An issue is there'd be a lot of spaces in it. Another factor is having sufficient data per screen to check at to make a decision from the separate window. A solution may be to have the indior allow itself, in a user-denoted factor, to widen and condense the separate window from the TF'ed chart.
    Why: Just under a million minutes revealed on my screen when I totally condensed a midweek-day chart on the 1', which provides about four minutes per screen. This may be appropriate for very short-time decisions . A chart'd only supply five minutes of tick lines. From time to time, during news perhaps, this might be necessary to view for the quantity. Only, I doubt many people maintain open a chart, so they wouldn't observe that four minutes or five minutes on a single screen when they can use it in a rush.
    When the user chooses how broad to make the separate-window indior, the indior would of course widen and narrow when the chart's size is corrected.
    Ultimately, on price: a NumBars user-defined variable under 'Input' would enable more than one screen to increase usefulness.

    You are able to observe this extra indior is somewhat complied. Thinking thru it assisted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    So, basically, you want a light to flash for every new tick?

    And for the record: Currency Market quantity is calculated based on the number of ticks in a pub.

    The flashing light isn't difficult to code, the matter is how long to leave the light up there. =D. In computer time, I will make it flash perhaps 50-100 occasions, and you would not see it because it's just too fast.
    When the pub changes its size, is exactly what I wished to record with proper spacing in a separate window with a (MT4-standard) candle every time. Someone made an indior with recording, here, therefore what you answered has been done. That which I asked (which is more simply explained in a post following the mentioned one, than in the last post in this thread), recording with correct time spacing, hasn't...
    Thanks again, however, for contemplating; otherwise, I might not have begun with the new one.

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    I really don't have any ideas on how best to code this up but my opinion for you is that in order to generate the bars you are really talking about something like timeframes such as 6second. I have never noticed S6 charts but've noticed there are some professional charting packages offering them, and I'm pretty sure you'd need to pay for a datafeed (such as eSignal) too.

    Good fortune...

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    So maybe something you would add to an otherwise ordinary 6-second bar chart is to place in gaps where there are no ticks. The identical issue exists for M1 and M5 and, infrequently timeframes, where the market has no ticks for a very long time an whole bar is skipped. In the rate, this would in reality happen all the time, just about every single minute.

    I can observe the way the OHLC for a 6-second bar can be indied by a standard looking bar, but how would relative volume be indied as a member of the bar? Just like today with standard volume bars in the base of the chart? Or maybe one could change color.

    With MT4, there is one problem in an indior gets triggered by a tick and goes off and does calculations, and DURING the calculations, some incoming ticks are entirely ignored until after a complete cycle through the code has finished. There's no ch-up cycle for missed ticks; the chart will stay as it was regardless of the missed ticks price. Together with the NEXT tick, whenever that occurs, the code cycles again. There is no telling just how many ticks one will miss, and so during market news when ticks come flying like crazy. MT4 is simply not a platform for tick-related charts, IMO.

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    Well, no, one isn't arrived each six or whatever number of seconds they arrive irregularly by ticks. Only your clock, up to now, displays this fact. It is the irregularity of these ticks and how much price goes for every one one of these pollutants which counts.
    When I wanted another averaging egy, hundreds of those are available. I want raw information, the baseline of this market, displayed.

    I believe I get what you're saying, tho. The tick data would have to be divided into periods of six seconds to be displayable.
    Once I watched your CandleTime indior for a little while, it appeared, to my smalltime broker and slower session, which tick merely changed the candle each 1/10 to 1/2 minute or so, at irregular periods. This is precisely what I am used to, in forex. It just looked not to force-fit this and rather keep them exhibited in the format they're delivered. Tick indiors for MT4 I've seen do not do this.

    Anyhow, you know that, and thanks for the expert advice. If I ever try and lift this I'll undoubtedly be lighter in the pocket for it.

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