Intergrated MM with System Accuracy and Risk Control
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Thread: Intergrated MM with System Accuracy and Risk Control

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    I have been looking into how it is possible to integrate a money management and risk control systems that functions in conjunction with EA system precision. The entire idea is to produce a self reliant risk management /money management system that moves with the market and your own systems precision.

    With this it is possible to set your max draw down and position dimensions and that will determine the number of places it is possible to open i.e. the Max amount of Position. Thus relieving 1 major problem overtrading which leads to blown up accounts. So if you have 12 pairs open you can only use a amount of places example sheet is 8.

    Another filter for choosing what pair to open position in is the ordinary win/loss ratio that the highest ratio gets priority. (I have not figured how to do that however on a pair by pair foundation.)

    Rather than setting a SL you use the 2% of equilibrium as a Trailing Stop and the Max DD as the Worldwide SL this give most systems space to maneuver. I think this is exactly what Alpha9v1.19 uses?

    The machine accuracy is essential for exits the ME is how far you really position can be expected to increase, also as soon as the market changes and your system becomes ineffective and the precision falls below your group requirements the machine should not be traded or optimized.

    The Base Target is the amount you exactly what to use as the deposit. E.g. if your system is quite consistent you don't wish much money at risk all the time, so if you start with $250 afterward develop your account to a base of 3000. Then you'll use the base target.

    Trade Details you can put some of your existing transactions to see how accurate your system is by putting the Deposit in Credit/Debt and then gross P/L for those positions. And place the swaps. As all of the formulas will clear, please don't use the Clear Trade Details. (I need to correct that)

    This is only an idea I have been growing, I have gone as far as I can so I need your input and help to develop and code.



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    Only a pity that I cant program, looks great.

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    Sounds interesting. Email me any plans that are particular if they can be put into code and I will see.

    I'm PMing my email.

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