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Thread: Need to find a decent US forex broker

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    So much I am staying with
    competitive spreads on all majors.
    Also an additional account with OANDA
    Has anyone tried recently. Enjoy feedback
    thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I wouldnt take 1.6 pips on EUR/USD in this day and age, thats uncompetitive. Is funds protection. I would pick Brokers if I had to pick an american company. Low trade prices if im not mistaken and and they have spic protection too.
    Trying to find the very best spread is just a waist of time. The most important of funds of safety.
    I will almost guarantee that all the named Brokers are roughly equal in the conclusion.

    It's impossible to compare the Spreads you pay between them. To start with the prices you see from
    demo and real accounts are only quoted Prices, so by simply keeping track of that's useless. ...
    To really compare you'd need accounts in 2 brokers and make . .say exits and about 100 entries.
    Entirely 100% sincrhonize and of equal lots. . Would want to register the price they quote ( and since is a Des-centralize market will never be the same), along with the price they fill your order... then and only then you'd really know wich one is charging less spread.

    Anybody that has not done that's only an opinion.

    The most important thing is that going after lower spreads is a waist of time. If someone can't make cash paying 2 pips
    spreads, probably will not make cash paying 1 pips or less.

    Any egy which need less then 2 pips, fast .bla, bla, bla IS NOT a good egy.


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    Used to be with Fx.whatever way back - lousy spreads and the same with Client service which is the reason why I walked out. .
    That was my only real run in with

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Seeking the very best disperse is just a waist of time. The most important of capital of security.
    I will practically guarantee that all the named Brokers are about equal in the conclusion.

    It is not possible to compare the Spreads you pay between them. First of all the prices you see from
    demo and actual accounts are just quoted Prices, so by just keeping track of that is useless. ...
    to actually compare you'd need accounts in two brokers and also make . .say exits and about 100 entrances.
    Entirely 100 percent sincrhonize and of equal lots. . Would need to register the...
    Minimize risk and maximum profit. With large spreads, Requotes and slow implementation not good

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Minimize risk and maximum profit. With large spreads, Requotes and slow execution not good
    So. . What is your point?
    Of course is better with lower spreads and decent execution ( no-requote Brokers do not exist. . If they do not re-quote, it means
    they are talking your order without covering their ass when no counter-party is loed. . Therefore your deposit is at risk).

    My point is it is not possible to compare. ... and if it hopeless to compare why bother. My opinion was granted to shrike because he believe paying 1.6 to CITi is too high. First. . Who knows if what Citi ultimately charges 1.6 . . Second does he know if he is paying less with anything he is trading?

    Watch . . All we have is opinions. I can't advise nor understand which one ultimately have better spreads... I presume think are all very competitive. .
    So, as in the USA forex traders aren't covered by the FDIC, it is wise to trade with the less-likely to fail and go BK and that's the end of the history.


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    Oanda has horrible spreads during news releases. Citifx specialist jumped to 7 pip spread EUR/usd on Friday, second worst . My previous GFT mt4 account transferred to kept spreads fair low.
    This coming week can decide to where a take my main account. Oanda that is funded account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    all of GFT accounts have been transfered into broker.

    Welcome GFT Traders to!
    Last Sunday, GFT made the business decision to cease supporting U.S. retail forex trading. We're pleased to announce that on Friday, December 7, 2012 your GFT account has been transferred to Your forex account has returned to regular status and you can trade forex markets generally.

    Highlights of this transition:

    You will be able to continue trading on the Dealbook platform or, even if you're an MT4 trader, your MT4 platform.
    Your trading background will... is a half-ass broker. They aren't even in the exact same league. They're very unprofessional. I used to have a account with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Oanda has horrible spreads through news releases. Citifx pro jumped to seven pip spread EUR/usd on Friday, second worst . My former GFT mt4 account transferred to kept spreads fair low.
    This coming week will choose to where a take my main account. Oanda that is financed account.
    I really don't know why you don't understand the real forex market is like that. If there's no price, that is the conclusion of history. That's the reason why they
    quote two prices. . .bid and ask. If at one moment on time nobody in the whole world doesn't want to sell one specific currency at the current price
    afterward the whole planet would move their quotes to whatever price is loed.

    There is not any magic in forex. Nobody has a pile of the currency that you want to buy laying around in the price you desire at the present time that you desire.
    The whole market is tick based almost 100% effective.

    Nowdays during news ALL major banks open their own spreads. . .they simple want to make sure they are not trapped needing to to sell cheaper then their cost. Why anybody could take orders and fulfill them at prices that are not offered? That would be crazy. I can guarantee you wouldn't do it.

    I assume you're new now, but Oanda almost went broker some 8-9 years back went some geeks came out with news release software
    (that was new back then). Up to that point Oanda in good faith was satisfying all the orders during news however didn't take long for the the masses to seek out and folks getting placing orders by the millions during the NFP news.

    In case you don't need to cover those spreads Just don't trade during news.

    Oanda, Citi, and some other brokers named are good brokers. They quote in line with the real market and attempt to fill your order the best they could.
    If anybody need lower spreads and no-requotes during news open an account with a scam broker someplace. They have magic to get the currency at a price nobody want to sell .

    I don't know about . It was offered to my additionally when I was trading with Deutch Bank a couple of year back but I went another route ending
    with Dukascopy Bank. Of course I have many choices as I reside in Europe.


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    So far so good with the two brokers. Goodbye GFT.
    I've resumed trading and began being profitable again. Very Good pips ahead

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