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Thread: Problem with NinjaTrader and Gain feed!

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    I've Made an External Connection to Gain's DEMO feed. However, pulling up any currency chart just shows a backfill without a dwell chart movement. Is a live account with Profit necessary?

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    The links within this informative article can help. You definitely don't require a live Gain account to have the feed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I have Generated an External Connection to Gain's DEMO feed. But, pulling up any currency chart just shows a backfill with no dwell chart motion. Can be a account with Profit necessary?
    I think you'll find much more help in Ninja's own support forum, which I have always found outstanding : (supposing of course that you have gone through the link guides on the NT website, eg. ?) .

    Edit 1 : Ironically, on first reading I overlooked the word DEMO, despite it being in block capitals, so I hope my reply is still helpful.
    Edit 2 : to the moderators - hope posting these links is accepted as helpful rather than breaking any rules.

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