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Thread: Thinkorswim funding

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    I'm really liking how thinkorswim looks. I actually started launching an account once I discovered their minimum sum to fund an account was $3500. I would like to deposit somewhere between $500 and $750 to get started. Has anybody had success with depositing less?

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    No, I needed to do the entire $3500 too. That said I've been quite happy with them. But here is a some quick thoughts. I've found they are much better for long term trades which last at least several hours. If you're planning to own scalp, personally I favor FXCM micro. They let you do micro lots and their minimum deposit is just $30.

    Anyhow Only a thought. I love thinkorswim though. Just more of a longer term trade broker.

    Ps. Have you paper traded together yet?

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    I'm paper trading while I'm deciding if I wish to commit the full 3500. If I'm comfortable with their platform and their service, I may just consolidate all my brokers and also have the thinkorswim account.

    We will see. I'll also be giving them a call later in the week to see if I could add $500 to test their services. They do not need to approve me for a margin account. I really don't know why it would be a major deal.

    My only complaint with TOS is they lack trailing stops using forex...I assume they have it for stocks, not I have figured that out yet. Their website claims to have trailing stop orders...

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    Learn what the minimum is to keep an account open. You could be able to fund it using 3500 subsequently draw 3000 a couple of days later out.

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    Yep, they do have orders. As soon as you place the order, just click on it to alter or add the stop and check the trail stop square.

    Hope that this helps

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