Oanda spread during NFP
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Thread: Oanda spread during NFP

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    1 Attachment(s) You're joking right????????? This was NFP's not a black swan occasion....

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    If you've got the opportunity to download their tick info history
    you will observe they have an app that increase the spread and keep it broad
    even following all the stp brokers have there disperse return to regular

    its just like they have a slow decay spread filter

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    So much in all my research of spreads I see zero reason to ever exchange with Oanda....none!

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    Is that a surprise? Proceed into http://fxtrade.oanda.co.uk/why/spreads/recent pick gbp/nzd and empower maximum. Then zoom out.

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    The spread is really unacceptable. Wish to know if any broker has a good spread throughout NFP?

    Thank you a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    How is that a surprise? Go to http://fxtrade.oanda.co.uk/why/spreads/recent pick gbp/nzd and enable maximum. Then zoom out.
    The surprise is they are double what I currently possess. . .down awful alternative for me. I am not saying they're a poor broker, I'm saying they aren't acceptable for my trading.

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    When a broker has such wide spreads when other brokers were able to provide comparatively substantially thinner speads, its difficult to consider them for swing transactions and position trades as you risk gettting ceased out and wiping out weekly or monthly unrealised gains or your potentially rewarding commerce is plucked out before it could develop. Not reassuring at all as I was actually demo trading them with their API (which can be quite good) for my own Multicharts Guru Platform.

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    I am looking for a new broker, but their spread widening again convinces me not to open with Oanda. They have been doing it for years (not just for NFP possibly), and that I do not understand why they get such rave reviews with this clinic. I swing trade so of course I can't just exit trades prior to every news release. Maybe someone who deals with Oanda through news releases can enlighten how they aren't negatively influenced by their spread?

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