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Thread: Capital City Markets - problems?

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    I'm posting this. It concerns a questionable notifiion from Capital City Markets, and this person is wondering if anybody here onforexintuitivehas had a similar email, as they fear it might be fraudulent. That is it.

    Regretfully, we have to notify you that difficulties have arisen with the payment service provider which accepted your debit/credit card deposit on the behalf, and the funds have not been passed through to us. Consequently, we have no choice but ask that you to contact your card issuer and dispute the deposit to get non-delivery. Ever since your deposit was not completed, we'll need to set your account to unsubscribe until brand new funds are deposited. If you would like to continue trading then you'll need to re-deposit by bank wire or Bitcoin for example funds are received by Capital City Markets no later than 27/10/2017. If you don't want to re-deposit (or neglect to do this by 27/10/2017) then please note that your account will be suspended and any open transactions closed in market on that date. In case you've made deposits into your trading account with other payment options (such as cables and BTC deposits) along with card deposits, please notify us as soon as you can so we can work towards a solution together. Best wishes, Capital City Markets


    ps - they could call them but they're in the united states and they only have a mobile phone, so before they do, thought it might be worth checking to see if anybody else has received a similar email from that broker.

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    Yep from what I am hearing from folks and studying it, it is an issue.

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    Today, yes, I still got the email. I'll no longer be doing business together. Tried providing an offshore broker a shooter as it allowed for more leverage to exchange but after this, I'll stick with Oanda. I have never had a single problem with them in me years together. Opened an account in May of the year with CCM and having problems. It's not necessary to sit around and undergo more.

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    Thanks guys. It seems the best thing to do, since a lot of individuals seem to be getting those mails, is ignore them forget about Capital City Markets, and sign up using a new broker.

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