whats UP GBP/USD !
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Thread: whats UP GBP/USD !

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    Today Something odd occurs for GBP/USD Down Up like Crazy the news cames great for USD !!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    now Something odd happens for GBP/USD Down then Up like Crazy, no matter how the news cames great for USD !!!!!!
    Probably profit taking before the openning of the football World Cup.

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    I dont think anybody should worry when such moves occur. Its certainly quit triggerring with zero principles behind it, by brokers.

    When the overall trend is downwards and news which came out now are bearish for GBP, it will come down at the end of the day.

    What matters is that your position size is comfertable sufficient to withstand such spikes and also you have sufficient money in your accounts to float.

    Do not overleverage yourself in the marketplace and always move the stop loss point to breakeven when marketplace is comfertably 30-40 pipes below/higher your entry position.

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    I quite often don't actually trade on fridays, especally in the afternoon and especally that an deductions days. Just whacky for me personally.

    But then agan sometimes I do not trade Mondays also, just because I enjoy 4 weekends. However, I do not need to exchange for a living. The U.S. Government pays me to become mad. It ain't much, but it's a living, and so that I could park anywhere, that I get disability licence plates for the car too. It is a fantastic gig if you can get it.

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    The currency market was very sensitive to fluctuations in gold futures market and the oil. I didnt trade in any way.

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    While I was in the trade I was anticipate Great down move... I was 45 pip in the end I depart with 20 PIP

    I wanna understand what the reason of this Unexpect UP Crazy Move :surprised

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    On the daily GBP/USD chart the lows which were struck were just under the 38.2 fibo of their last huge uptrend. Is that why we are stuck and not going lower for today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    while I had been in the trade I had been anticipate Great down movement... I had been 45 pip at the end I depart with 20 PIP

    I wanna know what the reason for the Unexpect UP Crazy Transfer :surprised
    Profit taking.

    The news was quite good, but with costs being pushed so reduced at the previous week, I would venture to say many people are of the camp that the move down is going to slow because there isn't a slew of positive or negative indiors in both direction.

    I suspect we are back to a 300-500 pip range with this being some sort of service.

    Just FYI, the significant line I'm looking at today is 1.8325 that is about the May -4th low...I find no reason to cross it, particularly if the fed decides to pause anytime soon.

    If there's a worldwide interest rate increase, all economies would be hurt, but the exchange rates could remain stagnant.

    Moreover, if you look at the end of yesterday, the market rate has remained extremely tight...I'm actually impressed. I'm thinking there'll be more directional movement week. It's Friday. . .take the day off and be happy with your gain (Instead of reduction)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    today, the currency market was quite sensitive to changes in the gold and oil futures market. I didnt trade.
    So. . How can I understand the information for gold and petroleum. . Is there's any website or something... I dont have any idea about it !

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    So.. How can I understand the news for oil and gold. . Is there is any site or something... I dont have any idea about it !
    I was studying the quotes on bloomberg.com. I don't think that there's any free site which provides live quotes. There is always a lag.

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