Help with creating a New Indior
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Thread: Help with creating a New Indior

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    I wish to make a new indior, however I have no clue on how best to do this as I am useless at Programing and would not know where to get started.

    So if there's anyone interested in assisting it will be very much valued.


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    I want to create an indior that simplifies specific perameter values where the indior will oscillate between 0 and 100.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    easy. You will need to post formulas in case you've got some, the parameters you require, differently as much detail as you can in regards to the indior and someone will step up and build it. Without alot of detail, no one can know just what you want.
    I believe could be a better word... =)

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    easy enough. You'll need to post formulas if you have any, the parameters you need, differently as much detail as you can about the indior and somebody will step up and assemble it for you. Without alot of detail, nobody can really know exactly what you need.

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