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    I lately gained serious interest in Forex (in the previous year), also have opened a demo account with Oanda.

    I shall finally log my transactions on this thread, and will gradually trade live.

    Please feel free to indie any recommended material to read. Additionally, please feel free to post any advice for novices such as, what to read, what not to waste time and if to jump in or jump ship.

    Finally, I am wanting this journal to become a helping manuals to other people like myself. I know there are several other people on this forum, but yet another should not hurt.

    Thank you,

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    I opened a demo account with MB Trading. I might use them to get a live account when that time comes....when I am ready and proven myself on my demo account!

    After I started this journal, I moved out and got a few basic couple courses from PeterFM on PSR trading. This opened up my eyes somewhat about the best way best to draw PSR's and distinguish on which do and do not matter.

    Next, I continue to read James16 thread and Strat's thread to determine my trading style and edge.

    Currently, I am still studying and will start my demo with a trading plan. A very simple one I have yet to write but it is in my own mind. (I know I know, I have to write it down )

    I feel so clustered with the amount of material I feel like I want to read and re-read but I also feel pulled to begin my demo trading and have a desperate need for more screen time.

    Anyhow, enough rambling. My trading style is technical ( at least I believe so, I might be trading funny-mentals and not even know it):

    I will trade in the direction of the MONTHLY trend ONLY with keeping the WEEKLY trend in mind. - Strat's material
    I shall trade off PSR's (round numbers inline with PSR's) - PeterFM's material
    I shall activate my transactions based on Price Action such as Pin Bars, Interior Bars, BUOB, BEOB, DBHLC, DBLHC. - James16 material

    I'll avoid weekend transactions and news days.


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    Best of luck KK

    I do think it is a lot easier to see many pairs and only wait for the best of the best. The majority of the time you will be sitting in your hands but too me when starting out if you see as many pairs as possible on the daily/weekly you've got loads of time to analyze and wait for the best. Of course everyone is different but that is from my experience.

    Gl bud

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    Your words are priceless Mike.

    Your simplest announcements, I browse and then re Search and find out even more.

    I been trying to simply play with the Where will PA match go rather than executing trades to build screen time.

    This has been assisting me achieve confidence in my ranking capability to call out A to B to C sort trades.


    I have read a thread by Ghous. I believe it had been one of his earlier trading day threads and I believed it's helped nurish me with some hope because everybody has a starting point. My travel has been in FX. I have not blown a single demo account and I haven't lost a single dime. I'm negative within my demo account. Started with 10k and dropped approximately 2k (you can find reasons for the declines in my personal journal, and happen to be solved ).

    Anyhow , I wanted to keep my thoughts collected within my thread:

    Not certain if you still read this thread, but fantastic post and initial start.

    Reading through your post on James thread, I am confident you have come across ways and are a really successful trader.

    I learned a fantastic bit from reading through this thread, and I wanted to discuss a few things I will incorporate in my trading.

    - Consuming enough funds to trade more than one lot (any sized) to have flexibility with my exits that will enhance my account. Ex: If your funds allowed you to trade two micro lots with your specified risk% then you could have closed one at profit and left another at BE which would help relieve some well specified losses.
    - Scale into the trades. Place lots round the installation bars to enter at different prices to relieve risk.
    - Always wait for the verifiion bar to form before going into the trade (would have to practice to determine which sort of trader I'm ).
    - Maintain a fantastic journal and an analysis of my journal each set amount of trades.

    I know there's a lot more but those are several that come to mind.

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    Reading never seems to finish.

    I will eventually join James16 private forum, however I don't feel I am even ready enough to join the forum to comprehend the material.

    My plan is to continue to see the James16forexintuitivethread, talk about with all the seniors others and there. Then proceed to Strats thread along with a few ebooks I am wanting to see.

    Whilst doing the reading, I am also going to demo commerce for more screen time expertise.

    I will restrict myself to after just 2 pairs. I tried after numerous pairs and felt swarmed and made bad decisions. I will exchange the EUR/USD USD/JPY

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