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    Hi there,

    this journal is to test a egy, which will be a sort of combination between The Bagovino System and the Key to the Mint system.

    I enjoy both systems, but have been digging into make it a bit more relaxed to trade and widen SL and TP.

    I have made some small alterations, but in general it is pretty much a merge of both systems, using much wider SL and TP goals.

    The vital problem will be to ride the fashion as much as you can, as well as giving the
    commerce room for a few intraday whipsaws.

    I just take trades on 15 minutes. Charts, which ONLY agrees with the Daily trend.

    I trade 5 pairs:


    I usually Begin trading from approximately 6 GMT, occasionally sooner.
    All trades are closed at approximately 17-18 GMT, if they are still open and haven't hit either TP or SL.

    Let' see if it creates a few pips!

    Thank's to Bagovino and harold4x for inspiration, these to fine systems can be found here:


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    Following a rollercoaster trip my trade was shut at 157.00 at ard 18 GMT, wherever my trading day stops.

    Days trade outcome:

    EURJPY Short: 13 pips

    Day Complete: 13 pips
    Total pips for the week: 13 pips
    Total pips for the month: 13 pips
    Winners: 1
    Loosers: 0

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Today's only sign is brief EURJPY. All pairs are not in a clear fashion.

    Im brief @ 157.13.

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    Great things Pipcruiser, I'll be maintaining eye.
    All of the best

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    Again today's only sign is brief EURJPY. All pairs aren't at a clear trend.

    Im brief @ 157.70.

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    Thank's logical

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Great stuff Pipcruiser, I'll be maintaining eye.
    All of the best

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    My trade was stopped out at -75.

    Days commerce result:

    EURJPY Short: - 75 pips

    Day Total: - 75 pips
    Total pips for the week: - 62 pips (2 trading times )
    Total pips for the month: - 62 pips
    Winners: 1
    Loosers: 1 )

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    Two queries, are you still using the Stoch indior from Crucial to the Mint? And what's that a picture of on your signature line?

    Thanks, I'll be following your progress.

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    Today's only signal is short EURJPY. All other pairs aren't in a transparent fashion.

    Im short @ 157.13.

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    Hello wcalem,

    Q 1. I use stoch 5/12 EMA, stochs 10,3,3 and RSI 9, yes this indior may be used.

    Q 2. It's kitesurfer jumping in the air over the sea, my favorite game...

    Have a wonderful weekend,


    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Two questions, are you still using the Stoch indior from Crucial to the Mint? And what is that a picture of in your signature line?

    Thanks, I will be following your progress.

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