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Thread: Low Risk, High Reward Trading Experiment

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    Hello ...
    miss u man....
    Wish to read to u soon

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    where are you going? Didn't see your article lately, it is bizarre that this thread has shift to recycle bin, and my english not good to understand why this thread has been ban???
    Itme, pls tell me where could I view your journey! thx!!!

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    Lots of people missing with this thread due to his very successful input to this thread. Most of his post was interesting except a few which may have offended rules of forexintuitive.lt;? Xml:namespace prefix = o ns = urn:schemas-microsoft-comfficeffice /gt;lt;ogt;lt;/ogt;
    lt;ogt; lt;/ogt;
    Any manner those missing along with his reduced risk benefit diary, they could find him fxstreet.com forum. lt;ogt;lt;/ogt;

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Lots of folks missing with this thread because of his very fruitful input to this thread. The majority of his article was interesting except a few which may have offended rules of Currency Market factory.lt;ogt;lt;/ogt;
    lt;ogt; lt;/ogt;
    Any manner those missing along with his low risk benefit diary, they can find him fxstreet.com forum. Lt;ogt;lt;/ogt;
    Has he transferred his diary into fxstreet?

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    I dont understand but I have found same low risk reward journal posted by on fxstreet.

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    Thanx! Just noticed there. . Currently 1500 views!!

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    This thread got 3300 articles and Itme gets burnt for a couple of political observations? There is just one way which makes any sense to me: Somebody did not love those perspectives.

    Unless I missed something which was truly controversial, Itme appeared to be anti-war and for a fair, competent authorities. But those opinions were such a very small portion of his/her abundant, overall participation that it is difficult to think that's what anybody would choose to focus on. But they surely did.

    Since what's visible here makes so little sense, I can only conclude that there may have been some whiney, right-wing (pro-war) gremlins behind the scenes which made a fuss over being offended.

    Anti-war = hatred

    Not in my book. And I am an American who's in-sync with the great majority of my country.

    IMHO, this thread - together with Itme - ought to be rescued and put at the Lounge where things move when they're deemed too political.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    IMHO, this thread - together with Itme - ought to be rescued and placed at the Lounge where things go when they're deemed too political.
    I dont believe ITME will probably be publishing back in this thread . . Even if its moved to Journals section. . Specially since he has moved his trade journal thread to fxstreet forums following all this drama over nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    well if its effective then thats great. I hvae been followng this because last year. I remember last year there were bad calls which were edited.

    Also it doesnt really matter if people are impressed. There are people around here which will be amazed by pretty much any platform you show them which has made a few bucks
    Many poor calls were later edited and people wore this fluff, which was misleading to newbies. I say good ride. It was long ovedue. How could a respectable website let the changing of poor calls? Like I said, this was long overdue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    hmmm, doesnt seem so nice does it? Itme#8217;s statement doesnt bother me because I'm a Christian (im not), it bothers me because it's intolerant, ignorant, and self indulgent - all the hallmarks of a bigot.
    That's funny, after I submitted to he had changed a call after the truth and he called me a bigot. Itme was effective at removing any obstacle to his fluctuations by whining to the moderator. He succeeded in removing himself. Poetic justice. I had to post this but that really is my last article on this subject.

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