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    USDCHF, H1, 2011 March 22

    Trade Area
    The potential trade area is in which you think you'll have an edge that you trade with a high probability of success, which reward/risk ratio is in your favor.

    I've set three trading areas for USDCHF the upcoming weeks and days. The internal ones (Scalping Room A and Scalping Space B) are for Forex transactions and the outbreak zone for swing trading and for trend trading.

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    Possible Trading Place

    You need to have a legitimate reason for every single trade you enter. This is also called rationale or logic. You're not a caveman. Nor are you a gambler, right?
    Why are you looking at this area to enter? This area is decided by whatever installation detection method you have written in your Trading Plan. An example may be the crossover of two moving averages or price hitting resistance on a Fibonacci retracement level.
    Your potential trading place stands between current price and your entry trigger.
    We strongly suggest you have a screenshot of your chart showing this area. Try to make a habit of taking screenshots of your charts.
    When it is time to review your trades later, acquiring the ability to see what happened visually will help train your eyes to see possible opportunities or traps to prevent on your charts in real-time.
    This will allow you to recall the reason you entered the transaction, or make you realize some things you might have overlooked.

    The potential trade area is where you think you'll have an edge that you trade with a high probability of succeeding, and that reward/risk ratio is in your favor. You have to decide, for yourself, the way you wish to meet this requirement.
    When you sat in your seat in front of your screen, you're ready to exchange. The potential trading place is where you aim.
    This will save you from entering a trade with no egy and shooting from the hip.

    Open the door!

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    Trades at 2011 March 21
    250. -$ Real Account
    (Goal: 1% Every Day)

    Profit: 28.35$

    (11.34% within 1 Day)

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    EURUS @ Economy 1.4180

    Silver @ Economy 36.40

    USDCHF @ Buy 0.9033

    Ger30Jun11 @ Economy 6798

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    Silver Daily, 2011 March 22

    Silver Daily CCI(14) has shaped a divergence.

    Enter Short at 36.40/36.20 to get long term

    trade some shorts at M5/M15 up and drawbacks.

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    EURUSD, H4, 2011 March 22
    EURUSD, Daily, 2011 March 22
    EURUSD, Monthly, 2011 March 22

    Swing Trade

    H4 CCI(14) Top Divergence.

    Input Short ~ 1.4200/1.4250

    Trading with CCI(14) gives me outstanding entrance and exit levels in conjunction with a Multiple Time Frame Anaylse (MTFA).

    Daily includes forming a CCI(14) 200 Top having an indifferent daily candle (at 19:45 GMT 1).

    Daily: If the resistance in 2010.10.31 H 1.42815 will not be broken it is the time for moving south!
    Weekly: The market price has touched the ascending resistance line just now!

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    EURGBP, Monthly, 2011 March 22

    Waiting for an Epidemic and Exchange M15 with EMA Lines interim.

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    Dear s,
    Congratulation to your great trading!
    Could you pls share with method/indior that you having to get this outcome?
    Enjoy it!

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    Hi moneyrain

    Swing Trading Relies at Time Cell Trading Primarily the CCI(14) Tops Bottom Trading.
    You might find it here, please.

    Scalping is more like this:

    I then enjoy trading with the critical points.

    I take a look at all timeframes (Multiple Time Frame Analyse) before I go in a trade.

    Hope it helps!

    Good luck!

    Kindest regards

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