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    No kidding.

    Someone began an impossible thread stating that he would love to create 100 000 USD from 300 USD. In addition, he gave detailed money management explanations.

    Okay allow me to uber that goal with my even more idiotic 100 USD to 1 million. No I'm not drunk or something but drugged. How about this? How long could it take? No hint but the principles:

    I risk 20% of my equity, trade from daily/weekly/monthly charts exclusively I won't use stop losses and go for large high probability trades. Then when in my direction I am just going to add positions till I can... I'll use 1:50 leverage simply because this really is the limitation (OANDA).

    ReGaRdS BR

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    I find that document in the forum.
    Mono gave that detailed money management explanations.
    He reveal how 500 -- then 100 000

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    I will post screen shots of a real account to support what I do is for real. Merely to call me more idiot. So people will not overlook my attempt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Good luck BR
    Karmo. That is a hoax or a joke. First you need intense and continous fortune and then you need intense skills and skills (technical and plogical). Maybe 1 in a million traders has this. I dont. I was just curious what is the interest in this a thread. .


    ps I'm closing this one.

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