Need Developer Help, Fix Great Stoch Indior, Compensation?
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Thread: Need Developer Help, Fix Great Stoch Indior, Compensation?

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    Two issues:

    1. Email alert is not functioning

    2. Signs in the conclusion of every bar instead of merely signal pub

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Hi lct,

    email alert is not working since that NewBar() in if (SendAnEmail NewBar()) will always return false.

    Look at this NewBar() purpose:

    bool NewBar()

    static datetime lastbar;
    datetime curbar=Timing[0];
    if(lastbar! =curbar)




    you should not call NewBar() more than once in a single start() work, since after called, curbar is going to be delegated to lastbar variable (lastbar=curbar), so that at the second call, this illness ( if (lastbar! =curbar) ) will be false.

    To solve this problem, you can alter the code as follows:
    1. Assign bool xNewBar = NewBar() before loop

    bool xNewBar=NewBar(); //put here
    for(I=0; ilt;=limitation; I )

    then change
    if (AlertOn NewBar()) to if (AlertOn xNewBar)
    if (SendAnEmail NewBar()) to if (SendAnEmail xNewBar)

    it should do the trick


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    Thank You for the help! Which appears to be working.

    Although once I loaded it up the alert window had roughly 30 signs from the last and I obtained an email/text for everybody! Anyway to prevent this when opening the indior?

    Thank you again!

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    Still appear to be receiving a sign after each bar. I attached the updated code, not certain if I entered it correctly.


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    the correction which I indied is for fix the issue number 1 (email alert isn't working.

    About alert which appear after each pub, let's see if I can fix it.

    Be back. .

    mods attached

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    Thanks so much! Seems to be working.

    Just how long are you coding? What do you trade?

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