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    On a demo account attempt using the waddah attar explosion indior with a 4ema and 8ema on the 1 minute chart. On small pip spread currency pairs, but you should be prepared to get out when your in the profit or it may turn around quickly. In addition, I use the quick trailing EA to go into with a set stop loss. I turn the 3 trailing options off. If anyone tries this allow me to know your results along with some hints to make it simpler...

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    Waddah Attar scalping indior is very interesting. As I see it, it generates 3-5 trades per day at 5min charts. With good MM its a winner. Has anybody have any experience with it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Waddah Attar scalping indior is very intriguing. As I see it, it generates 3-5 transactions every day at 5min charts. With great MM its a winner. Has anybody have any experience with it?
    Where can one get hold of this? Have you recorded live evaluation results?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Simple scalping egy.

    Receive any price which ends in 000 (4 digit), or 0000 (5 digit).

    Position pending order over current price and below current price at the nearest psych points. TP/SL of 10 pips.
    Hahaha is still working the round amounts as supports and resistances? It'd be interesting to backtest it, when have time I will write the code, it would be very simple...

    such as for the past 5 years at EURUSD:
    for(int I=125, ilt;161, I )
    double price=i/100
    ordersend(op_buy/sellstop, price, SL, TP)... with expiry date at the end of the week, at the begining do the Exact Same the next time...

    I prefer do the same with powerful supports and resistances of their current or the previous day, in case your broker allows hedging you can just buy and sell at the same price from the S/R and put SL=3 pips and TP=10 pips for example, the spread do the rest (it sells you pip below the resistance and buys one pip above the same)

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    The author of the thread asked for great scalping egies.
    I read through all the post and I have not found any.

    To start it up again, does anybody now have a fantastic scalping egy you'd like to share?

    Thank you

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    Scalping is a trading egy that brings profit very rapidly than other trading techniques. It can be quite profitable if you're able to make sure most lowest trading spreads. But really, it contains enormous risk for all time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The author of this thread asked for great scalping egies. I browse through all of the post and I haven't found any. To start it up again, does anybody finally have a good scalping egy you want to talk about? Thank you
    I love to scalp reversals on sup/res and currency power.
    However if you are looking for full system explanations, rather than into some figuring out all on your own, maybe best to hunt for something at the systems department.
    Only beware, a lot of those amazing systems arent working as advertised, probably.

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    This 3Zz semafor repaints and my perception is that we are trading against the personal computer nowadays,scalping is very dangerous if you're trading big lots.Good luck.

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    allow me to discuss my best way of scalping.

    1. I use different pairs in the exact same time,
    2. I use broad bollinger bands (35 - 50, 3 StdDev) to search for reversals,
    3. I really don't utilize SLs,
    4. My SL is time limitation (e.g. max 20 - 24 hours for H1 charts, from start to the end of scalping),
    5. I use little positions, and I am basketing should they move in not desirable leadership
    6. The main: I utilize an EA that is automatically closing each position with little TP, also closes all positions, regardless of or , when Equity reaches my desired level (e.g. 5% - 15percent ) of beginning value.

    This is not a no brainer kind of egy, but following a few exercise is sooo great - developed myself, and I am quite proud of!!
    If somebody is interested I will tell more about it!


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Scalping is a trading approach that brings profit quite rapidly than others trading methods. It can be quite profitable if you're able to make sure most lowest trading spreads. But it includes enormous risk for all time.
    I've observed in spite of most usable trading policy scalping does not allow by and large trading platforms, that's why the traders who are particularly newcomers always have to take care when picking a broker.

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