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Thread: where do i begin?

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    I have tried multiple platforms and that I still find the first one I tried - MT4 - to be most appropriate one for me. I find it very intuitive to use.

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    I want to combine to positive feedbacks about babypips forum. Their memebers are extremely communiive and always provide a lot of detailed answers for any query. Especialy valuable, when expirienced members of this forum answer the query. If you understand Lexis such as )). . Also EarnForex is great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I have attempted multiple platforms and I find the first one I attempted - MT4 - to be most appropriate one for me. I find it quite intuitive to use.
    And what do you think of ninja?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote And exactly what do you think about ninja?
    That I don't have any opinion, I haven't actually attempted trading with this platform.

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    Generally, novice traders must start from fundamental level! According to my personal experience, BabyPips School is a fantastic spot for start with! Besides, new traders will need to start a demonion for practicing purpose! Demo is the most decent means of Forex learning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    As an absolute beginner, only studying Forex to attempt to understand what is going on, can anyone offer layman terms advice about the best way best to trade.
    As a new trader; you want to begin with demo! For studying; you can begin with BabyPips School! This college is a free service, but also far better, you might get here basic directions on technical and fundamental analysis! On the other handbe active on this form and attempt to read all treads on market analysis; you want a fantastic analytic ability for being successful Forex trader!

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    I haven't use any EA outside from the MT4 so I don't have any idea how the programming should be. The EA you're asking, I have never learned about it.

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    The first couple of years will be very tough. And don't think about earning money in the early phase - that I learnt this the hard way.

    - Read up recommended trading books
    - forexintuitive and Babypips
    - Watch up highly rated videos on youtube to find an comprehension of the market, charting and practical appliion of different specialized tools. Avoid using their method though unless it is for testing purposes.
    - Develop a commerce plan and trading system(s).
    - Manage trades properly with appropriate risk management and decent plogy.
    - Review trades.
    - Practise using a demo or small account till you get consistent results.

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    Watch a fresh chart over and over again to get a time. Time cans cut on to dismiss the majority of the avaible here. To put it differently, be discerning. This must not take years, before make constant profit. The plogical development is the key.

    Practice merely demonion for the first time to acquire a clue what you are doing and the best way to exchange your own method. No simulation can raise your plogical building for your trading.
    Start using a smart real account and prepare yourself to have a tough time not penalizing all, even should so take this lesson.

    Before you will put in one indior, take a rest and consider it. What do you tell a single candle and in context with other candles?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I want to join to positive feedbacks concerning babypips forum. Their memebers are extremely communiive and always give a lot of comprehensive answers for any question. Especialy valuable, when expirienced members of the forum answer the question. If you know Lexis such as )). . Also EarnForex is good.
    Yes, concur. Pips is one of the busy forum where you are able to fix your any trading issue. Just like you I also favor Lexis description about virtually any topic.

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