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Thread: where do i begin?

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    Thanks a lot, that will fill my lunch breaks for a while to come.

    Thanks everybody, lots of great guie


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    Hello Buster,

    yet another thing - time is a really limited resource. Spend it. Rather than loosing a lot of time and money try to discover a mentor and have one to one discussion.
    If you will need some guidence I can help you to get 2-3 month of missing time. I'm profitable trader and I can help you with advice and instructions. But in the end you should be the one who have to learn and use what's suitable for you.


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    Buster has most probably already busted long time if he ever started live forex trading, that I doubt. #Post 12 was his post on FF.

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    Hi All

    I am new and following courses Available for trading.
    What I see is, I can't begin threads because of my profile.
    That is a bit hurting because as a'newcomer' I want to ask a few things which aren't apparent but at precisely the same time I can't ask them due to authorisations.
    Neither (I believe ) I can make a meaningful contribution at this moment since I am gathering information and processing it. .
    umm. . I think am in a chicken-egg scenario, so I was thinking can I pose my inquiries on this thread or could there be another manner?

    Thank you Beforehand.

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    I noticed it was an old thread nevertheless anyone who's new in forex trading and wanted to get started should begin practicing forex demo accounts as they might be the biggest advantage for any successful trader and moreover a new trader can learn forex procedures more readily while doing a demo account.

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    Change your leverage on your account to 25:1 to Prevent you from blowing up your account start with .01 lots till you've Got more experience

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    First open a demo account in any broker then learn commerce by doing experimentation on demo account after that u should have to open live account.

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    Hello, friend!
    Here are some tips that will assist you. So, what to do to become a good (really good) trader? Take the Upcoming steps:

    1. Reading special books. As an Example,”ForeX Trading for Maximum Profit: The Best Kept Secret Off Wall Street” by Raghee Horner Is Quite good for beginners, I read it once I was beginning to trade on Forex. Horner also wrote an exellent”Thirty Days of FOREX Trading: Assets, Tactics, and Techniques”. Anyway, this author is my personal option, you're free to search for something you like.
    2. Reading Fx blogs. Kathy Lien's blog, Forex Crunch, Forex Magnates, Investopedia, BabyPips, forexintuitive would be the best one for me. You can find a fantastic piece of advice there.
    3. Learning in your Brokers web site. As soon as I began trading, I have found all I needed on website of brokers which I had chosen. I won't name them today but you can write a message to me, I will tell you about my own experience (btw, I trade on Forex for 3 years already).
    4. Practice. MORE practice. Start with a Demo account, continue with investing in actual money, make a decision as to what egy ir yours, and begin making money!

    Recall, that you should take into account each of the hints which you are going to learn from literature. You'll need to make all of your decisions logic and automatic. After some time, once you'll be experienced enough, you should feel that the ground. Satisfy your wins and losses less something outstanging, however as a lesson.
    Behavior plays a massive role here and you'll need to tame your own emotions to be a real trader. And just practice will help you to succeed.

    Hope you'll make it. If you'll have more questions, feel free to contact me privately messages.

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    You'll come across a very good introduction to all the fundamentals here;


    Nice simple and relaxed approach with'self testing' modules and'bite size' classes.
    I discovered it a bit patronizing initially but soon got over that once I realized they knew more than me, I go back frequently to review and test things out.
    And it's all free.

    Good fortune.

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    To begin forex, first measure is always learning, begin reading e-books, tutorial, videos to get comprehension of forex and how it works. Then comes to demo testing, which give you practical experience of trading.

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