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    Could anybody explain or provide me a link of what a introducing broker is?
    Can I eventually become one as a individual?

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    Mainly I think that it'll be helpful to find brokers that give additional commission's
    and have good bounces,in another way for find more costumers teach them
    and inform them how they can earn money on this crazy market

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    The requirements tend to vary a lot, so you may have to ask the broker to learn about their fundamental requirements. When it comes to IB, consider affiliate..agreed that's simplifying it a tad but that should provide you the gen notion.

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    Remember if you're not registered with the NFA in the USA that you can't introduce US customers to US brokerages. Contemplate CPA provides versus version that is commission/rebate .

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    I see little point in competing as an IB.

    It is a massive game of'who is prepared to give up more margin'. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Can anybody describe or provide me a link of what a introducing broker is?
    Can I become one as a person?
    Introducing broker is a person or firm who refer a client to a certain brokerage firm. The broker then generally paid a commision / rebate to their introducing broker agent. Introducing broker usually provide additional service to their client as a added value of their support, such as market analysis, trading sign, or managed account support. Every broker firm have their own need to be their introducing broker agent, and that means you need to get hold of them for detail info.

    Yesyou can turn into an IB as an individual.

    Hope this help

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