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Thread: Fundamentals, Technical or Both?

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    Basics are important but we need to try to introduce more new stuff here in this market) more egies - more opportunities)

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    Hello guys, I read a post somewhere before which states that fundamentals doesn't affect short-term trading and a few higher time frame traders (1 hour, 4 hours, daily chart. . .etc) trade solely on specialized and has achieve great success? And vice versa, a few just commerce only based on fundamentals and have good success also.

    Is it feasible to just trade based on specialized or just solely on fundamentals or can it be better to own both?
    Some people would just recommend to exchange off pure technical. Other people would just urge fundamental analysis. Although, with Currency Market you'll discover a lot more technical analysts compared to fundamental traders.

    With stock traders it is possible to discover a lot more fundamental analysts as there are countless thousands of stocks to analyze. With Currency Market you will find just 10-20 distinct currencies greatest. Which is why people on the forums are big on the technicals as well as the charts.

    In reality the market does not care about technicals or fundamentals. It cares about that which generates orders and trade flow.

    Which is why if you would like to mesh the technical/fundamental analysis together, or go find something new which can be more insightful and refreshing, then I would recommend order flow trading and global macro trading.

    For there are instances when technicals neglect, and instances when fundamentals fail. But order flow and liquidity not neglect.

    What's traders rethink of the market environment and their particular trade arrangements.

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