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Thread: Fundamentals, Technical or Both?

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    I always go with specialized in Metals,energies bullions, but occasionally go with fundamentals in Agro commodities, with repecting stoploss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Sure it's possible. However, you have an increased chance of being screwed. Trade math, overlook high-impact news, and you are out. Trade fundamentals, overlook a massive momentum move, and you are dead.
    Imagine if your massive momentum move as you put it was as a consequence of a last break of a specialized degree after the accumulation of orders and not because of news at all. It disturbs me how news stations are almost always clever after the event, it happens often it's laughable.

    The previous poster, Numbnuts put it very well indeed. Tech traders may utilize weekly and monthly charts to predict price moves way ahead of the news has caught up LOL.

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    I trade technicals mostly but foundation longer tern trend developments on Fundamentals. Mostly this is because technicals are somewhat more mathematical and I can understand them over Fundamentals at this point. I'm making it a point to learn more about fundamentals of these pairs I trade, because to dismiss them sounds like missing a huge part of the puzzlegame.

    Trading mostly the 15 min chart I will not trade in case a fundamental report is on account of that currency pair which has a lot of influence, for at least 4 hours after the report is published. There's a lot of short-term plogical trading on strong fundamentals and for me personally just to risky. Sure I miss a lot of short term gains but I also don't have any big losses.

    Appears to me that lots of fundamentals play-out over the long run in a more predictable way and influence individuals in a more plogical way than technicals do.

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    Fundamentals is good during the time of news release, at least gt; 20-50 pips movement. Aside from that, I think the trend follow quite near technical analysis. .

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    This question comes up fairly often on numerous fora. My own view is that most types of trading could be made to work, as there seem to be successful traders who trade nearly exclusively based on fundamental analysis, and others who trade exclusively technical.

    Personally, I'm a mostly technical trader, as following backtesting I feel that that is the most predictable approach to the market. For my high TF trading - Daily TF and up - I basically tune out the fundamentals and take only technical setups. Over time, these pay out far more frequently than not.

    For my intraday trading, I'm careful not to enter a trade right ahead of a major news announcement , and I do not trade NFP, but my reason for being at the trade is still purely technical.

    Basically, technical analysis will give me a reason to put in a trade, although I won't ever enter a trade for fundamental reasons. I could, however, within my intraday trading, dismiss a good technical setup due to a fundamental issue.

    Bottom line is, even if I ditched all fundamental analysis and stuck into strictly technical, I'd still be profitable. If I were to ditch the TA in favour of fundamental analysis I'd make heavy losses. But that's just mepersonally, I trade a technical system, so that I am sure there are others who make other things work. There are many approaches to Forex trading.


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    I am inclined to exchange with Technical, however, there are traders who trade based on news trading (can this be egorized as fundamental?) , though they would used technical to determine exit and the entrance .

    More significant beyond technical and fundamental, Money management is more significant, including determining your stop loss point and risk per transaction. As in each transaction There's a likelihood of winning / Losing, maintaining your funds to ensure You'd be able to ch the next trade is most important

    I too still studying, Good Trading for us All


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    It depends on your trading method. There is euro debt crisis, central bank interventions, economic news release, and a lot more fundamentals. You can definitely use those extra info to give you an advantage if you use it right.

    Charts provide a fantastic picture of price movement. . Dimension of the behaviour of traders.

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    I only used technicals at the start and then once I started narrowing down my entries based on fundamental events it has helped.

    Political rumors nowadays can alter the markets and can be quite annoying if your on the other side of the trade. Use appropriate leverage and never get anxious just to trade.

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    Both fundamentals and technicals matter, don't have any doubt.
    As an example, I work in the grain sector for a broker for bodily grain, and see this play out all the time.

    For instance, fundamental image can be very bearish, i.e huge grain stocks. But, as a result of over-commnt of traders because of physical delivery, it often happens that there is a huge squize on the longs, as farmers realize that there is big demand for nearby shipping, and start increasing prices to make the most. This is a technical correction, in nature short term supply/demand imbalance. Following these longs have covered their positions, the market will begin falling .


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    Fundamentals and technicals are essential, but there's a third pillar - opinion analysis. This is really where Commnts of Traders (COT) reports arrive in. This informs us about the market sentiment of crucial market components. A huge broker lets opinion analysis by posting complete open positions and complete receptive orders of its clients for the major currency pairs onto its website. Useful tool, I would say!

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