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Thread: Trading by yourself vs Letting someone trade for you

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    You may earn 80% of the profits, but its a 100% for your loses. Thats not a fantastic bargain given that you instruct yourself to be idle, limit your own learning. And for gods sake, its like puting your own life in the hands of some1 you don't even understand (exaggerated).

    I really don't like trading different peoples money, and I don't want them trading mine. On a positive note, trading your personal trades has more than just profit for you. You gain knowledge, expertise and the ability to share this with people that matter and appreciate you for it. Brag about earning money doing nothing. Trust me that aint cool

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    Let someone else trade for me? Hedge / investment fund - maybe, retailer - not.

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    However, this isn't really compatible with another thread, in which you are seeking a 1,000% return

    I am sure that you can find someone who can earn 5 percent a month, and you will earn 1% per month from your 20% decrease, but where's this realistically going to get you to?

    And incidentally, 5 percent a month is way more than many printed traders make

    Good luck

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