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Thread: Trading by yourself vs Letting someone trade for you

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    5% is pretty large. . For low risk. . It's likely to go much higher but I believe that it would have to be a fucking genius to keep an average of 10% with a low drawdown.

    I really don't see why it matters what my capital is for this particular thread.

    Nobody has stated why they chose to trade rather or let someone exchange for you yet but from taking a peek at the posts on this forum I think that it's because 90% of traders and learning beginners believe they can make 20-40% monthly roi (or even more) and be able to sustain it long term.
    (It is possible I suppose but you'd...
    that I think the margin usage is important. 5% on 1:1 leverage versus on 50:1 leverage is a huge difference from the ROI on the trades. Unless that's what you're speaking of (5% only on the trade value, in order leverage it's multiplied - but that could be around 250%, so that I think you meant some middle ground, like 10:1 leverage).

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    I think you can choose both. It is possible to trade/invest on your own if only you are considering trading. IMO 5-6percent annually is incredible. You should trust yourself over anyone else.

    You'll be able to put money into hedge funds if you have a net value of $1 million. Maybe that's better if you have a heap of cash laying around. I wouldn't allow a non-professional trader or finance to exchange my cash though. Most people in the financial industry are sc. Its like a pozzi scheme.

    Even when an average joe trader can make 20-30percent a year, do not trust them unless they're professionally certified. Assess their desktop and their finance's history before placing a cent in their finance. That is my take within this business. Do not trust anyone easily.

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    It's hard to pick between trading the market on your own or using the money to get a professional investor to take action.
    What are your aims in Currency Market market? Do you want to know about it and become a pro or are you merely facing it as a riskable/highly returnable investment?

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    Hedge funds..sure, once I have 100 K to blow off and can write it off, possibly. But given a few of the negative reviews, not certain I would be overly happy about trusting a few corp with it. A hedge fund can report a negative growth, if that's the case how do I be confident that they're not only tinkering with the figures?
    And are there some good forex managed accounts out there?

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    Guess it is about what is your goal?

    If my aim is simply to make more money I really don't mind letting someone professional commerce for me personally or buy signal.

    However if my goal is to become a much better trader then of course you can do the above and find out from it while researching it yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Guess it is about what's your objective?

    If my goal is just to make more money I truly don't mind allowing someone professional trade for me personally or buy sign.
    Agree for this.

    If we're playinh with large money, better should We use reliable fund manager. In the opposite side, if we would like to find out FX with actual account, little money might be useless

    In my perspective, at this time there are many brokerages offering mini account that will be suitable choice if We want to learn FX. Or the second alternative is launching a demo account. But base on my own experience, trade using demo account will different with actual account (plogical facet ).

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    Yes, it is true, by a trader you'll become an investor, which is not trading anymore. But one has to develop, I mean I lost too much to keep on trading myself. Now I rather trust somebody or something that is employed instead of trading in my own an losing.

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    If you have the capacity to exchange for yourself why would you let some else do it for you? Normally those who let others exchange for them are the rich and busy people, this is also occurs in stock market. But you're just starting in forex trading, I would suggest to do it by yourself for you to know the actual thing.

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    It's difficult to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being incorrect.

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    Professor, that says everything!

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