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    Caution Easyforex platform

    They state one can freeze a rate thus avoiding slippage,,NOT True I have the message”Try again” several times... Thus I lost the benefit. This is only one of their promises of commerce and their advertising to gain more clients against another platforms. . Its not fair.......... .
    The actual problem is When one is following a fall and one attempts to close from a bargain, 1 cant, This has happened more that once, in fact many times. .The controls are frozen and you cant close from my bargain. The rates are shing but there is no controllers operational. , One then watches ones cope falling and that I cant do something about it. If a stop isn't in loion one would loose the whole trade before the controllers operate again. Warning if you use this platform be sure to have stops set up on all contacts don't use it with no.... .
    Easy forex at the states of commerce,show whether a fault occurs in their appliion they will repay that commerce. . HA HA what a joke, they dont need to know, Custom connections is ziltch.
    I have digital camera photos to prove these statement are accurate. I have now left this platform for you I can trust all the time.
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    Easy Forexâ„¢ Group Headquarters
    1 Griva Digheni, Office 303,
    Kriel Court
    Limassol, Cyprus, 3035


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    Hello Jannet,

    Yes I just watched in their ASIC profile that they are foreign owned.
    Too bad you do not live here.

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    Hi Jannet... without hesitatingopen another broker forex account and shut your existing one.

    Read this segment and discover another broker.

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    I have had personal messages direct email from different forums concerning this platform not being honest....
    Then please explain why nobody is doing a thing about them staying online and taking huge money dishonestly.

    I have attempted to speak to the leading Financial Magazines and they dont apear to care.

    This is real high risk at the best of times...

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    It is over that.

    View part of the narrative here:

    The information presented within this website is based on a publiion that's due to be published. The publiion is backed-up by heaps of recorded talks which were transcribed after being tapped throughout the years 2005-2007 with Easy-Forex private and customers.

    The website starts by describing how Forex companies makes money and why some of these have conflict of interest with their customers. It then explains how easy-forex rewards their agents- this is something mad.

    Next it attracts transcripts of 3 discussions:

    The first is using a former easy-forex representative that opens his hart.

    The next of an easy-forex agent talking to a client: This discussion shows how this agent is trying to deceit one of his client.

    The next transcript is using a sufferer, one of hundreds, of the broker.

    The sc which has been uncovered happened in Easy-Forex Israel. Yet, it's very possible that the outraging rewarding procedure of Easy-Forex for their agent (called net deposit) happened also in different areas in the world.
    Don't be fool by their new website. These are the very same people with the very same intentions, but using a different mask.

    In the event that you got scammed by Easy-Forex document an online compaint against them.


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    Easy forex is Controlled in US UK AU

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    You replied to a post that's 8 weeks old.

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    By forexmagnates.com

    Easy Forex, among the most significant Currency Market brokers in Israel and in the Middle East in general, was put under a criminal investigation according to Israeli newspaper Calcalist. This analysis follows a civil class action lawsuit for a staggering sum of half a billion shekels (~$150 million) registered against Easy Forex last year.
    According to this newspaper that the criminal investigation was launched last year when Easy Forex's customer Shmuel Rozovsky complained that he lost over $100,000 into Easy Forex. Shmuel asserts that Easy Forex allegedly defrauded customers by letting them believe that they can make quick profits whereas at the fact that the company profited directly out of their losses. Nevertheless November Shmuel received a notice that the police decided to close the case for'lack of criminal guilt'. This decision has been appealed stating that'desperate enforcement is required' as'Currency Market frauds, the criticism is coping with, maintain harming a large and unsuspecting audience in Israel who maintain losing vast amounts of cash'. A copy of the charm was passed to various high ranking officials and committees such as former Israel Securities Association chairman, Prime Minister's economical adviser and others and appears to have left the optimistic effect as few months ago the authorities established a special task force that's investigating the situation ever since.
    The rest here.
    There's no lack of class action suits in the retail Currency Market market as both FXCM and FXDD are facing class action suits filed against them before this year.

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