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    Wed upgrade: OK I am making a few reckless mistakes . Test16 NZD sell is barely hanging in there, came in just several pips of death. Primarily I broke my Friday no commerce rule. Then when it closed higher on the friday near I should have enforced my Graceful exit rule. I would have been outside at BE. These are tests but I am not improving my trading profession by not following my own rules. Now I am just letting it ride, no alterations to stops.

    Test15 EURCAD is going ok. Again I should have left this commerce last night using a 200 pips profit. It has taken out the preceding daily structure high that is going to act as resistance now.Greed at play...I've moved my stop just beneath the last fold low in 1.3769 to get a profit lock of 40pips. Again if this transaction falls over from here it will neglect my first goal objective that was fulfilled was not adhered to by me along with my egy.

    A few reversals are well on their way that I missed due to fear. Seeing CHFJPY as a possible commerce setup will discuss next post.

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    TEST 17: CHFJPY SELL. Additional Yen pairs have dropped, this is the toughest and perhaps last to collapse. The closing of last week put at a weekly ABCD pattern. Price can be at a 61.8 fib retracement level of the weekly swing high-swing low. The daily reveals an ABCD pattern at a 141.4 complete. RSI overbought on weekly and daily charts. A bearish outside bar close gives verifiion for a short term reversal.
    My Entrance: 93.36 STOP 94.48 TGT 91.55 which is very powerful service on a weekly chart( my top purple line).
    Daily Chart below

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    Thurs upgrade: Well this morning I have closed out all positions. I'm flat till some additional analysis over the weekend. Reasons being I believe I have been over trading and not fully assessing the new positions I'm carrying. Also some active family issues that are taking up a lot of time and thinking. The daylight savings change has also led to the final day to happen earlier which means I'm becoming into my charts pretty late with new motions sometimes all ready underway.
    A couple of days off I believe will be a positive move.

    Evaluation 16: Reduction -116 pips

    Evaluation 17: Bring

    Test 15: Win 181 pips

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    Monday Morning:

    It seems to me like its going to become a risk averse week which will see JPY and USD strength. Lets see.

    I was going to re enter the sell CHFJPY commerce but its done a runner before I got there maybe tomorrow.

    On Friday I'd put a limit order on the AUDUSD in search of a possible double top and it had been filled. This will be test 18. Entry 1.0574 Stop 1.0630 TGT 1.0252. Looking for a big pullback back to a strong support degree and also a 382 retracement of this last leg of the move.
    Chart below:

    Also I've Evaluation 19 awaiting a pending order: A USDSGD buy. This has finished a ABCD . This afternoon it also did a runner before I got to the computer but have a pending order waiting at 1.2435 when it re visits the daily pivot. Post chart of this one up.

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    Only a Hello from a Different Novice to Become trader. You have very nicely outlined your trader development. Congratulations and appreciate that you have guts for opening reside account immediately (likely success in DEMO pushed one to do this ). Do you utilize metatrader or tradestation on your demo account? I had bad experience with FXCM commerce channel and they do not permit metatrader for dwell accounts less than 5000 dollars. Tradestation kept on freezing to the stage it crashed my computer. It doesn't show proper indiors or tabs.

    I am also learning and also have blown off lots of demo accounts until today. Havn't have nerve to really open a live account. Right now working on plogical stuff of trading and seeking to control this thing between my ears (my brain) to control emotions in trading.

    A query by the way. . . .What really do you believe is causing this significant difference of results between your DEMO and dwell account. Do you feel this is related to feelings, do you use the same egy for LIVE in addition to DEMO account?

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