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Thread: Need Risk money management advice - I have 85-80% winning Rate!

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    Sorry to hear that you're having difficulties with this. I, myself, had this problem some time back, and let me tell you, it's bothersome, so I know your fruion. However, I managed to conquer this, and things have been very good ever since.

    So here are some suggestions that I have:Produce a system that has risk management built into itWhat I mean by this is that you should develop or learn a system in which the stop loss and take profit is currently defined. For me, this was learning the supply and demand method. With that method, you can put your stop loss right outside of the zone and have your take profit to the next zone. Usually this lead to 2:1 up to 5:1 transactions, plus they had a fairly high winning ratio. Work on trader's plogyIn my personal experience, I believe that the markets are way more mental than you believe. Much less analytical. I state this because when it had been all about being intelligent and smart and discovering patterns where nobody else can, a lot of folks would be professionals. However, that's just not the case 99% of the time, so the trader's mentality is quite important. Markets are arbitrary, yes, you can learn what pushes them, but still they're fairly arbitrary. The definition of arbitrary from is: moving, created, or happening without definite aim, motive, or pattern. There's not any definite pattern to the markets. So get used to it, lose the pride, and allow losses occur. Accept losses No one is perfect, only let it happen, but make sure that you handle those losses responsibly.
    Hope that helped or lacked some ideas and thoughts in someone's brain.


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    I'll advice u not take risk more then 5% of your account.

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    Hi E300,

    Do not you believe the reverse would work better? Cutting your losses short and letting your winners run?

    I understand it sound cliche, but the truth is it works, specially on trending markets.

    If you do so, all of your losses will be little and you'll have small/medium wins that will offset out the losses, however every once in a while you'll ch a large movement and profit greatly from it.

    Good luck, and Decent trading! -

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Taking several small wins and a few large losses will never work.
    Absolutely! I mean how is your account going to shortage the huge losses against the small wins? It could be way round or with small wins and Tiny losses which manner your account can make up for the losses

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    The guy didn't come toforexintuitivesince october 26.

    Usually, it's easy to have a nice pourcent winner if the Stoploss is large, and also the takeprofit small, something such as sl =2000, tp = 20.

    Based on that depend the cash needed to endure martingale doubling lot each time.

    Perhaps this guy will provide this type of EA:

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    I did some excel on the Crude Oil for the previous month (no worries this is applicable ).

    And being the newb I will be the very first thing I did was check correlation on a candle basis. So if candle 1 goes up candle b goes where on avg.
    Result: The market isnt that idiotic checking 2k candles I ended up with figure what 49,6% (theres a directly random walk).
    Next thing I checked was fine lets choose the avg change of all those candles and only look at candles that are above avg.
    Result: some correlation on avg the more your candle the higher the chance that theres a correction (based on how long I required the candles to be achieved a hit ratio of winningtrades of 60% by just going contrary to the last big candle the second stated candle sticks ).

    Now you're able to saaay yaaay I found that a egy I found a egy 60% winrate by just betting on change after a big candle and final just 1 candle afterwards. Woooohooow...
    Sorry its not as simple that the market still isnt that dumb. I assessed that the avg drawdown after every candle and contrasted it to the avg increase when I wasnt correct problem: I ended up at my great ol 50 percent and no span adjustment could mend that sometimes identifiion have made money sometimes identifiion have lost. Take spreads into account and you loose a 100% period.

    Your system sounds a lot like this. Yes you achieve a 80% hit ratio by just loosening your entrance and exit barrier but you dont seem at the second image of risk vs reward or general profitability. You say its a winning egy since it got a high winrate... but winrate means nothing on its own.

    You have a egy yes but your egy seems like the market a random walk on your equilibrium.

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    Continue to continue with the analysis then our comprehension of the forex trading business will be more powerful, in accord with that now we'll also acquire experience which could be useful in almost the same condition for our use in future trading.

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    Handling the risk is your most need able ability in Forex market in which risk is anywhere. My trading career, many times I fallen a fantastic loss due to absence of exact risk management. Now I am studying about this

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello forexintuitive penis, Lets get straight into it! I've built a EA using a super egy. I will leak this egy or PM you if you assist me with my issue. So this egy includes a winning rate of 85-97% on Time frames M1-D1. Now please understand what I MEAN by winning rate I am saying that 85%-97% of these signals (on the customized EA) Will always go in profit. So basically 1 pip but normally depending on the timeframe it'll always be greater then 1 pip. My issue is cash management. My system will proceed into profit a lot BUT it can go down...
    If you have 85%-97% hitrate,just define SL amount with which your system is comfy and see the outcomes. . .The 85%-97% hitrate is a killing with appropriate MM.
    For instance:
    1. By 100 transactions you've 85 winners and 15 loosers which negate all your profits from 85 winners.
    2. You set up a fixed SL on each trade,your hitrate probably will fall to 60-70%. . .this will be sufficient for you to be in profit.
    Another instance.
    Your fixed Sl is 10 pips,lets imagine your hitrate is 70%. . .in first case your TP is 5( disperse ) pips,in second case your TP=1( disperse ) pips:
    1. From 100 transactions you've 70 winners which brings you 350 pips in total,and 30 loosers with -300 pips in total. . .you are somewhat,but in profit.
    2. By 100 transactions you've 70 winners which brings you 70 pips in total,and 30 loosers with -300 pips in total. . .you are squandered your cash.
    And don't forget about comissions(if any).
    So. . .if your transactions don't bring you longer then 5( disperse ) pips. . .well,you are just gambling.
    Anyway,you get the idea.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____________________
    Never use EA's with no SL functions in it. . .EA's don't care of you and your hard earned cash.
    Good fortune.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Managing the risk is the most demand able ability in Forex market where risk is anywhere. My trading profession, many occasions I dropped a fantastic loss because of absence of precise risk management. I am studying about this
    Thank you for your concern regarding the risk mangling
    but do not try to experience in live account at all,
    it's possible to use demonion trading for that.

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